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What can we do to help E-Gold?  

Because E-Gold was indicted, black days are coming upon all of us. Just think what this means for Auto Surf, HYIP and Investment programs or "industry". Every program accepts e-gold and is based on it. Only few of them use some of alternative payment processors.

Of course you will say "They will adopt" another payment processor. This is basically true, but we will be the losers of this transformation. When and if E-Gold closes his doors the paradise for scammers will begin. I think the most admin will close their programs and run away with funds already put in them. Their explanation will probably be: There are no funds, because e-gold doesn't exist anymore.

Brightest scammers will open new payment processors just before that happens and they will offer changing e-gold currencies with the new one which you will never see. So be careful and don't trust new payment processors and new exchange companies.

Can we and how can we help? Yes we can do something, especially U.S citizens.

We’re urging all US citizens to write their Congressional Representative regarding the US department of Justice’s harassment of E-Gold and its founders. Example how to write and were to write your Congressional Representative.

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