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This blog will show you how to make money with tips and tricks using Adsense, Forex, SEO, Affiliate and Web 2.0 programs.

7 Effective techniques to get targeted traffic  

If you have a website or blog, you know that traffic is essential, especially if you have something to sell. Not just any old traffic, you will need targeted traffic to achieve good sell through rate.

But first lets see How is targeted traffic defined? It means website visitors who have a specific interest in the topic of the website. For example, someone who is planning to buy stocks or bonds would be interested in investment websites.

Visitors wont buy things if they are not interested in product you are selling. That is the main reason you wish and need targeted traffic.


You can find a lot of forums on the web and whatever your topic is, there's sure to be at least one forum about it. Subscribe to a couple of forums. Join in the discussions, answer questions, and ask pertinent questions yourself. Become known as an expert in the field. Then with each article reply you write, have a discreet link to your website in the signature file. What can be placed in your signature is often determined by the forum moderators. Do not spam the forum or you will be stopped from posting. You should be able to get a fair amount of traffic from a popular forum, and the people who click your link will already be familiar with your writing style.

Linking from/to other websites:

Look for websites which are similar to yours (but which do not compete directly). Ask the website owner for a reciprocal link. Be sure to pick link partners who match your customer profile. Try using a software program like Arelis to help you find link partners.


Buy adverts in ezines that target your market. Perform a test to ensure that the return on your investment is enough to cover the cost of the adverts. You may save a considerable amount.


Offer your visitors something of value, such as an eBook, in exchange for signing up for your newsletter. Write your newsletter so that it's tightly focused on your subject. You should publish your newsletter regularly, preferably once a week.


Write (or have written) a free informational eBook which you can give away to your clients and others. You can place links back to your website in the eBook.

Joint Ventures:

Online marketers are always looking for products to sell. They may have large mailing lists with eager to buy customers. Usually they will be willing to send an email to their list for a cut of the sale price. This works particularly well with informational products. It has several advantages. It can give a large boost to both your mailing list and sales in a short time.

Buy Expired Domain Traffic:

This may be the most expensive in terms of money, but also the cheapest in terms of time. You will usually get a traffic boost within a month. What is it that you're buying? You are buying traffic from a company which has invested in expired domain names.

They are domain names which are still registered on the search engines which get a certain amount of traffic. The previous domain name owners have not renewed the registration for whatever reason. The traffic from the expired domain name is redirected to your website. This is usually high quality traffic as only expired domains with relevant traffic is redirected to you. As always, you should undertake a test run to see if this traffic is suitable.

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Free eBook: The Cheats' Guide to Customizing Blogger templates  

This eBook will offer you many options and examples to customize your existing Blogger template quickly and easily.

“The Cheats' Guide to Customizing Blogger Templates" it is a book of Amanda owner of Blogger Buster in which she shows several techniques to learn how to personalize and to design groups for Blogger.


The Cheats' Guide to Customizing Blogger Templates eBook is available in PDF format. If you don't have it You can download Adobe Reader from their home page.

The book is illustrated very well with a good design, many images and examples. This divided in the following chapters:

Features of this eBook

  1. New examples of template customizations
  2. An entire chapter about customizing stretch (fluid) templates
  3. How to use buttons, banners and images
  4. Many useful resources for template customization
  5. An optional download folder containing all of the templates and images used in the eBook

Creative Commons LicenseThe Cheat's Guide to Customizing Blogger Templates eBook is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

This means that you are free to redistribute this eBook for non-commercial purposes, without modification, so long as you include a link to the original author.


Here you can download the Cheats' Guide to Customizing Blogger Templates eBook and also the download folder which contains all of the templates and images used in the guide:

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Get Free Publicity For Your Website  

If you want to promote your product or service, then consider using public relations. The best part of PR is that it costs nothing. In fact, public relations is one of the best kept secrets of small business owners who are successful. Use these powerful techniques to get picked up by local and national media.

1. Be an expert.

The media relies on experts for their information. The news that gets printed is only as credible as the source from which it comes. Begin by selecting a news related story to comment on. It should be a story that you are qualified to speak about, aligned with your area of expertise.

If your background is in engineering, and a building falls down, you are qualified to speak about the structure and answer possible engineering related questions. Being an expert simply means that you have a background in a specific area and can lend your expertise.

2. Research the reporter.

To get coverage, find the reporter who is covering the news you wish to comment on. For example, if the news is about a specific current event, then Google the current event name followed by the name of a popular newspaper like the Wall Street Journal or USA Today. You'll quickly find the reporters who have written on the subject. Call the newspaper (contact information available on their website) and ask for the reporter by name. If the operation asks what your call is in reference to, simply state that you have information related to a specific news item.

3. Compliment the reporter.

When you locate the reporter, and contact him, start with a compliment. Reporters take great pride in their work. Be sure to compliment their position on a given topic or their previous work. After complimenting them, you're ready for the pitch.

Talk to them about your position on the given news story and what you have to offer. Again, referring back to our earlier example of the building, mention that you have an engineering background and have a position on the story. For example, you might be able to comment on why buildings collapse and the structural aspects that could be the cause. Let the reporter ask questions but have a point of view. After the dialogue, the reporter will verify your information such as name and company.

4. Leave a compelling yet non-descript message.

If you're unable to get in touch with the reporter directly, leave a message - but be discreet. You don't want to show all of your cards before speaking to him directly. However, if you leave enough information to get them to return your call, they will call you. Reporters follow up with any leads they consider opportunistic.

When leaving a message, simple say, "I have something you need to hear about (fill in name of story here)." Be specific with regard to the story the reporter is covering. You want them to consider your possible information valuable.

5. State your expertise.

After complimenting the reporter about their coverage on a specific article or issue, let them know your position on a given topic and why you are qualified to comment on it. Give them your pitch and be confident that your opinion matters base on the experience you have to offer.

In today's environment, it's difficult to attract the media's attention. The best way to get PR for your product or service is by commenting on current stories being covered by the media. The process is simple. When you hear a news story that you can comment on, find the reporter using Google and the name of a major publication.

Research some of the reporter's previous articles for background and then contact him directly. Let him know that you have some information that he may find valuable or a comment relevant to the story. Be sure to provide him with your credentials. Lastly, be persistent. Continue to reach out to the media and soon they'll be calling you for advice.

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Facebook's UK unique users drop!  

The latest market research from the UK indicates Facebook is facing its first decline in unique visitors, after seventeen straight months of growth. Is this The End of Facebook or something else?

According to Nielsen Online, the number of British Facebook users fell from 8.9 million users last December to 8.5 million in January. This could signal a trend that users in the United Kingdom are moving to other services as many schools and companies ban the site from user access.

Further, it now appears some users -- mainly those who joined in the past year -- are simply tired of using the site for social networking purposes.

Although this marks the first drop in over a year, Nielsen warns that just one month of declining audiences doesn't mean the UK social networking scene as a whole is dying, as this could simply be a seasonal drop. MySpace and Bebo, the second and third most popular social networking sites in Britain, also saw a small decline in users over the past six weeks.

MySpace UK experienced a drop from 5.3 million users in January to 5.1 million users this month. Bebo reported 4.1 million users in January, a respectable 50% increase from last year, but still down at least 9% over the past three months.

On the up side, there are 712% more Facebook users now than at this time last year, a growth rate the service could not expect to maintain forever. BBC blogger Rory Cellan-Jones believes a number of older users tested the social networking waters with Facebook, but became burned out due to the large number of widgets and add-ons that simply did not appeal to them.

Facebook remains the fastest growing social networking service, and researchers from Forrester expect to match "the same number of registered users as MySpace in Q4 of 2008, or early 2009 given the current growth rates," Forrester Research Senior Analyst Jeremiah Owyang wrote in a blog entry last month. The ability to utilize user-created applications and widgets adds to the popularity of Facebook among younger users.

The UK market is the third biggest for Facebook, after the United States and Canada, according to the company's own statistics. By BetaNews

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Own SEO Company with Axandra  

The software breaks down SEO into three easy steps:

1. Optimizing your web pages and links for top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo and a hodgepodge of search engines.

2. Getting your website listed on all important search engines, directories and special interest sites.

3. Tracking the results of your Internet marketing and search engine optimization activities.

The software’s darned effective. All my sites are in the top 10 google rankings for keywords critical to their respective industries. Internet Business Promoter’s pretty sneaky at how it accomplishes this- but not in a blackhat sneaky way.

The software works magic by simply analyzing the top ten competitors for chosen keywords. For instance, if I owned and wanted it to rank highly for “internet news”, I’d simply key that word in the Page analysis tool. IBP then analyzes Google’s top ten search results and the exact way the pages were created- down to the last comma. An 80 PDF is spit out explaining exactly why your page sucks and why theirs shine. Reading every page of this report is worth your time- it’s how I kicked pagerank 6 sites off my tail for chosen keywords!

There’s more. IBP also analyzes exactly who links to the folks in the top ten and subsequently whips up invitational emails to the webmasters of these linkers. The intent: to get them as link partners as well. Axandra therefore takes a two front attack- onpage factors and offpage SEO.

One of my sites rank #2 for the competitive keyword “SEO Masters” - thanks to Axandra and aggressive link building efforts. It beat a domain for the same keyword.

Today, I no longer use IBP for my sites’ optimization. All necesary pages now fly high their respective industries- even my PR2 sites. What I do use it for is to provide SEO consulting for clients. It’s a pretty good way to let the $300 tool pay for itself.

This article could be read in its full length here.

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Use article marketing for your site or blog promotion  

If you have ever wondered why your website is not receiving any traffic, you are probably looking for a way to increase it. Most webmasters on the Internet are because they realize that traffic is what will make their site a success.

The first way you can use article marketing is by going to article directories. If you can't write your own unique content (which is preferred) for your site, you can use the content from article directories to place on your site for content as long as you retain the authors resource box. You need the content there for the search engines to spider when they visit through all the linking pathways you created when submitting your site to quality web directories.

As we covered the Internet contains a massive amount of information and people search for it every day. The more links you have pointing to your site and the more content you have on it relevant to your sites niche, the better you will rank for search engine queries.

Another way to use article marketing is by writing your own unique articles on topics related to your websites niche and submit them for publication to the best article directories. These articles will create some links to your website to increase its popularity and with each link comes another doorway for traffic to find you.

When you write and publish these articles, you are also letting the public know you have expertise and knowledge on the subject. To get the reader's attention, give them a quality, well written article filled with information.

Build links through quality directory submissions to increase your site's popularity and create doorways to traffic and search engines. Then use article marketing to provide quality on-site content for the search engines to spider when they arrive.

The more quality web directories you submit your site to, the more article content you provide on your site and the more articles you submit for publication on article directories, the more search engines will love your site.

These are some of the key elements to creating traffic and building a successful website. You can have the best website on the Internet, but without proper promotion your visitors will never find you. If they do not find you, they cannot use the services that you provide.

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My December and January Yuwie Earnings!  

Yuwie? Do you still remember that social network? Well, I have to tell you that program still exists and I am still making money with it.

I am member for almost 5 months now and my earnings vary from month to month. Best month for my earnings was November when I earned almost $5, but this was also month of Yuwie biggest extension. Last few months things got down a little bit or I can say get more clear for everyone.

Earnings are pretty much steady last few months and there is now sudden bums anymore. I think that is very good for program and earnings, because program will become stable and will attract more and more people.

After Yuwie manage to build its reputation it will attract more and more people in it and that would be the time for big bucks!

On this two pictures you can see my earnings with Yuwie in December and January. It is slightly fall than, my November earnings were much bigger. Another problem is that I haven't done much with it. I made only around 100 page views each month and I have to change that in becoming months!

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IRS Tax Forms You Need  

Struggling to find the right IRS tax forms? Did you know that you can find most, if not all, of the tax forms you'll need to file your taxes, at an online tax preparation website. Stop wasting time trying to find the right forms for your tax return.

Few, if any people enjoy filling out tax forms, but this yearly chore is much easier now thanks to the many online tax filing websites available online. Online tax websites can help you in locating and filling out the right tax forms. They can also help you to find the maximum amount of deductions and credits available to you.

Here is a list of common IRS forms you might need to prepare your taxes

1040 Individual Income Tax Return, 1040A Individual Income Short Form, 1040EZ Individual Income Tax Return, 1099-DIV Dividend Income Worksheet, 1099-INT Interest Income Worksheet, 1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Worksheet, 1099-MSA Medical Savings Account Distribution, 1099-R Distributions from Retirement Plans Worksheet, 2441 Child and Dependent Care Expenses, 5695 Residential Energy Credits, 6251 Alternative Minimum Tax, 8396 Mortgage Interest Credit, 8586 Low Income Housing Credit, 8829 Business Use of Your Home, 8853 Medical Savings Accounts & Long Term Care Services, 8863 Education Credits, 8880 Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings Contributions, 8885 Health Coverage Tax Credit, Schedule 1-1040A Interest & Dividend Income, Schedule 2-1040A Child and Dependent Care Expenses ,Schedule A Itemized Deductions ,Schedule C Profit or Loss from Business, Schedule D Capital Gains and Losses, Schedule EIC Earned Income Credit and Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax.

Of course, there is a multitude of other IRS tax forms that you can usually find at an online tax filing website.

Millions of people are using online IRS approved tax forms to avoid the work of doing everything by hand. If you need help in filling out your tax forms there are guides and faqs to help you along the way. You will also be given many tips and suggestions for maximizing your tax deductions and credits.

Say good-bye, to the old way of doing taxes by hand. Say good-bye, to driving around trying to find the tax forms you need.

Say Hello, to finding all the IRS tax forms your likely to need online.

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Pitfalls to making money online  

1) Lack of Focus

2) Unreasonable Expectation:

I only focus on one program at a time. I focus on what is most important to my business first, and I do it over and over, day after day after day.

Now when you read that doesn't it make complete sense? If you are doing 5 different programs and are incredibly organized then more power to you, but in my experience the more on the plate the less the important things are getting done. John Addison, success trainer and founder of Primerica, put it best when he said that " most people that get into business are like an octopus on roller skates, a whirl of activity, but they aren't getting anywhere."

It's very easy to get caught up in 10 different things when trying to make money online, this causes one to be overwhelmed and once that sets in its hard to reverse. Then before you know it the hopeful decides that "it" doesn't work and quits. The second pitfall, unreasonable expectations, actually goes hand in hand with focus.

Johny decides he wants to make money online. He's not quite sure how yet, but he understands the potential of the internet. He does a search using "making money online" and gets 197,000,000 results. He eventually picks the one that says "I made $1000 in 2 two can too". He signs up and then quickly realizes making money is all about the traffic and the 2 gazillion ways to get it. So he starts his program and decides to try Google Adwords. He figures he can set it up on his own, so he throws up a campaign, and he's off. He's getting clicks because Google says he owes them money but he isn't making any. He cant really understand why people aren't stampeding his website. Its been 6 days and he hasn't made a single sale and so he decides the thing is a scam and gives up once he realizes he's out over $500 from Google Adwords and additional programs he bought that looked good too, $75 for some solo ads, and his wrist hurts from doing something called traffic surfing.
Now let me ask you what happened to Johny? Well three things really, no focus, no plan, and unreasonable expectations. Once again, some people do make $500 their first 48 hrs, but just because John didn't doesn't mean the program is a scam. John had an unreasonable expectation in retrospect because if his plan was to do what is most important in his business, which is driving traffic to a converting website, then he wouldn't have thought twice about it being six days without a sale. If John had a plan he probably would not have spent money on Google Adwords without knowing what he was doing, and a mentor could have told him about countless ways to get free traffic to his website and been there to refocus him if doubt settled in.

So remember making money online is like the harvest. You must plant the seeds and allow them to cultivate. You must focus your time on the most important elements.

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You must work to get your site seen  

Many people have an unrealistic view about making money online. They are either taken in by the hype or they are living in cloud cuckoo land. Wake up! Business is business whether it is offline or online. You wouldn't even contemplate going into business for yourself offline unless you had a few thousand dollars to get started and to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

You can get a web business up and running at a tiny fraction of the cost that you would pay the 'real world'. Still, once your website is live, it won't earn you a cent unless it gets some visitors. You must work to get your site seen if you are ever going to succeed online.

Another point, paying for services will lessen your workload but once the work is done you still have to make an effort. Think about it - Who in their right mind would take your money to do ALL the work for you? If there is any chance at all that the work they do will bring in the bucks immediately then of course they will do it for themselves. Why would anyone take a one off payment if, they can do the work, and get paid forever?

What you don't pay out of your pocket you will pay in time, IF you are going the free route. Any money made at the beginning should be invested in Internet marketing resources or paying for the services that are going to leave your hands free to continue to build your business.

So, if you already have the site or blog and niche picked start reading Affiliate marketing and SEO tricks to earn your steady income!

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Better days for WidgetBucks publishers are coming!  

After very good first month using WidgetBucks things went down and I really mean down. Last days WidgetBucks widget even didn't show on my pages. I was wondering what is wrong? Luckily I found this information today and I hope better days for WidgetBucks and me as publisher will come soon!

WidgetBucks has formed the WidgetBucks Customer Council (WBCC). They have selected a group of 10-15 hand-picked (and undisclosed) customers who will get previews of upcoming features, requests to test new widgets, and be asked to provide their feedback…

Currently the WidgetBucks Customer Council (WBCC) is testing some cool new features…

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

YieldSense - a contextual, pay-per-click (PPC) ad widget that displays the highest yielding product categories and ad creative based on a revenue score that is automatically generated from past performance. More money per click is always an incentive…

Pre-roll advertising - a branded ad appears momentarily before the shopping widget, giving advertisers the ability to market within specific product categories. An ad before an ad should be interesting…

More details about these features are expected by February. Are your lucky to be part of the WidgetBucks Customer Council?

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Google AdSense Earnings riches $1 million  

They are calling him the million dollar man. Jason Calacanis recently revealed in his blog that he is on track to earn a million dollars from AdSense over the year ahead.

And if that number doesn’t wake you up and have you sitting on the edge of your seat, consider for a moment that he reached this level in less than a year. His company only started using AdSense in September 2004.

Calacanis runs Weblogs Inc., a network dedicated to creating trade weblogs across niche industries. And he’s quickly proved that AdSense is a credible advertising partner.

As their network has grown, so has their AdSense revenue. In January 2005 they earned an average of $580 per day. In March it was $737. In May it was $1,585. One day in July, just before he made the blog entry referred to above, they earned $2,335. Remember that is just for one day. If they can take that daily average to $2,740 they’ll be earning a rate of $1 million for a year. And Calacanis predicts that reaching daily earnings of $3,000 or even $5,000 is quite achievable.

That’s quite an achievement. Keep in mind that Calacanis has 103 bloggers on the payroll and nine staffers. Even so, many webmasters would give an arm or a leg to have even a third of that.

Google’s AdSense has been revolutionary. It has become firmly established as the darling of the online advertising industry. Although rumors are heard of major competitors launching a similar service, AdSense’s premier position seems secure for now.

In essence, AdSense has made it possible for almost anyone with a web site or blog to earn some revenue from advertising, without having to employ sales people or spend precious time searching for advertisers.

AdSense works like this. Webmasters sign up for an account in just a few minutes. They receive a small snippet of code to include on their web pages. Google will then automatically serve advertisements that are relevant to the content on the webmaster's pages. When someone visits the webmaster's site and clicks on one of Google's AdSense advertisements, the webmaster earns a fee. Advertisers can pay anywhere from five cents to a hundred dollars per click, and the webmaster receives a percentage of that fee.

Many webmasters are content with earning five to ten dollars from AdSense to cover the cost of web hosting. But many, unsurprising, have higher ambitions. At a popular WebmasterWorld forum, participants share tips and encouragement on reaching a goal of $300 per day from AdSense. So it is no wonder that Calacanis created quite a buzz when he made his million dollar blog entry.

Google have proved once again that they excel at designing innovative Internet services. If you are in the web industry and have not yet used AdSense, then perhaps you should try it out. Or if you are already using it, perhaps Calacanis’ impressive results will encourage you to track the performance of your AdSense units more closely, fine tune their positions and formats, and take your earnings to a new level.

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Earn Money with Uploading Files!  

New money maker is in town! Have you ever thought that you could earn money with uploading files? This company offers you payment for each downloaded file that you uploaded in your account. This could be perfect money making opportunity if you have enough traffic in your site or blog. Lets see company info: provides you 100% Free File hosting solution with just one click. Its fast and easy. Only people knowing the exact download URL are able to download your file. Your file will be deleted when it has not been accessed for more than 90 days or you use your delete option.

Select a file to send by clicking the "Browse" button. You can then select photos, audio, video, documents or anything else you want to send.

The maximum file size is 200 MB.You may choose whom you want to send a file to. If you submit your friends email addresses, Ziddu will send the file to your friends. If you just want to get the link to your file stored on our server, simply copy the link and share with your friends.

You will get $0.001 for each Unique download. Redeemed cash will be transfered via PayPal or Moneybookers once it reaches $10.

  • 10000 Unique Downloads: $10
  • 50000 Unique Downloads: $50
  • 100000 Unique Downloads: $100 USD
  • 500000 Unique Downloads: $500 USD
  • 1000000 Unique Downloads: $1000 USD

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5 Steps to High-Value Web Content  

After we described 5 Advantages of High-Value content it's time to see five steps to gain high-value content.

  1. Choose the right author.
  2. Choose the right topic.
  3. Address all sides of the topic.
  4. Add supporting graphics, pictures, etc.
  5. Link to related resources, both on your site and elsewhere.
Let's look at each of these steps:

1. Choose the Right Author

I once worked for a company who let their web programmers write the instructions for their online ordering process. Big mistake. If their audience were programmers as well, this might be okay. But most of their customers had limited technical skills. So when these people encountered online instructions such as "Validate parameters before advancing" ... the customers would often become dead in the water.

This is a prime example of choosing the wrong author for web writing. Sure, the programmers' input is important. After all, they built the thing. But they should not be the voice of customer guidance. A skilled web writer (someone with usability experience) would have "translated" these instructions to say something like "Please fill in all required information before moving to the next screen."

Here's the key to this. The best author for your small business website content is not always the person who knows the most about the product or service from a technical standpoint. Often, it's best to have an in-house writer who plays the go-between role of "consumer advocate," getting the information from one group and translating it for another group.

2. Choose the Right Topic

If your small business only offers one product or service, then that will likely be the topic of your web content. In this case, I would focus on choosing the right angle as well. Don't tell people what you want them to know -- this is an outdated way of thinking about public information, especially when it comes to small business website content. Instead, find out what people want to know about the types of products you offer, and use your web content to address those questions or concerns.

If you are writing web content for a company that has many products or services, you will have to spend more time choosing topics first and choosing your angle second. In this case, it becomes more about topic organization than anything. Large websites with many topics are ideally suited for a category and sub-category system: These are our products >> And this is product 'A' >> And this is a web page that explains product 'A' in detail.

3. Address All Sides of the Topic

Whether you're writing about one of your products, or you're creating a tutorial of some kind, you need to cover all the angles. There's nothing worse than website content that leaves the job only half-done, telling you why a certain thing is important but not pursuing that lead.

When you are close to a certain topic -- as is the case with people who create a product or service -- it's easy to assume everyone else understands it as well as you do. But the opposite is usually true, so you need to explain all sides of a topic when you write content for your small business website.

Want to keep your pages relatively short for easy reading? You can do that while still offering complete information. That's what hyperlinks are for!

4. Link to Related Resources

Here's the key to developing great content for your small business website. Try to create authority documents that others in your field would link to and recommend to others. One of the key criteria for a resource document is that it links to plenty of supporting information, both on the same website and elsewhere on the web.

In addition to being good for your readers, this kind of useful content will make other webmasters more inclined to link to your website. This adds to your link "popularity" and can further improve the search engine ranking of your small business website.

When writing a particular web page, try to think of it as "the ultimate guide to [blank]." This is the first step to creating the kind of authority documents that eventually dominate the search engines and drive endless web traffic for the authors. But it's rarely possible to create an "ultimate guide" to anything in just one page, so be liberal about linking to other sources on your own website and elsewhere (as long as their not direct competitors).

5. Add Supporting Graphics, Pictures, Etc.

Reading online can be hard on the eyeballs. You can make the reader's job easier in two ways. First, you can format your content appropriately for web reading (short paragraphs, narrow text columns, lots of bullet points, headers, sub-headers, etc.). Secondly, you can add supporting images and helpful graphics.

Well-placed graphics can improve website content in a number of ways. Images are more enticing than text upon first glance, so they can help attract and retain readers. They also help you clarify your message with visual reinforcement.

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5 Advantages of High-Value Web Content  

Searching the Internet for information you are interested you probably find bunch of related articles on that topic.

For example, you find two articles about the same topic, but how you determine which article is more valuable for you?

First article doesn't offer much in the way of value. It's too general and full of pointless stuff.

The second article you come across is much more in-depth. It explains several aspects of your topic with refreshing insight. It is helpful and useful, and it links out to many related articles and resources on the subject.

You, like most people, would probably prefer the second page to the first. It's an easy choice, and that's because the author of the second article understood the most important concept of website content development -- the value factor.

This kind of content has value for the reader, obviously. But it also benefits the author / publisher. Here are the top five benefits of creating high-value website content for your small business website:

  1. It keeps people on your website longer.
  2. It makes people more inclined to trust you.
  3. It encourages readers to recommend the site to others.
  4. It encourages other webmasters to link to your content.
  5. It helps you improve your search engine ranking and visibility.
All of this sounds great, you say. But how do I create that kind of small business website content? Here are the top five guidelines for creating high-value website content.

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