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This blog will show you how to make money with tips and tricks using Adsense, Forex, SEO, Affiliate and Web 2.0 programs.

Upload your video to all major video sharing networks  

VidMetrix is a new web service which help you to Automatically upload your video to all of the major video sharing networks. Upload any video to up-to 9 most popular video sharing sites at the same time, track total viewership stats, share stats with others, and more. Vidmetrix also offers you the ability to track where your video is embedded, it’s traffic on each embedding site, and it’s engagement (play-through length) on each site. To use this feature, you will need to upload your video to Vidmetrix via our uploader and then use our embedded player HTML code to embed your video.

  • Features
  1. Upload videos to multiple sites: AOL Uncut, DailyMotion, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, Veoh, Youtube and Yahoo Video.
  2. Vidmetrix Bookmarklet: Add and track any video (from over 50 video sharing netwroks) directly from its page.
  3. Upload videos from your local drive or grab them directly from a URL.
  4. Follow-up on video and viewer ship stats via RSS or email.
  5. Premium features (non-free): Track where your video is embedded, let your clients view their analytics reports, access Videmetrix API, etc.
Vidmetrix is authority in social media publishing, making it easy for you to upload your videos across the Internet and get detailed information on their viewership in one intuitive report.

This uploading and social network sharing tool could be very helpful with programs explained in this post: Make money by uploading videos on these sites.

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6 Steps To Improve Readers Loyalty From Site Visitors  

Online blogging has quickly outstretched high street blogging for popularity and overall reading. One of the big advantages that readers gain is the ability to comparison blogs for a better content. However, for the blog owner or service provider, this can make it difficult to survive without offering the good content. Decreasing amount of visitors has an obvious effect on your revenue and profit so it is vital that you aim for the right content and attempt to build readers loyalty.

Readers loyalty means repeated everyday blog reading. As such, improving readers loyalty can vastly reduce your blog marketing spend and increase your ROI. Many of the methods of retaining readers for your blog are developed from tried and trusted methods used by well known and famous bloggers.

  • Know Your Target Audiance
By really getting to know and understand your target audience, you will have a much greater understanding what it is that they're after. By learning this kind of information you will be better placed to send out relevant informations and entice your readers to come back for more.
  • Know Your Competitors
Knowing what your competitors are writing is essential for all bloggers. Check RSS Subscribers competition between two famous bloggers: John Chow and Shoemoney.
  • Readers Service
Perhaps the first aspect that many of us consider when looking at readers service is RSS and E-mail Subscription option, but I also count comments and readers wishes in comments here. You must supply a high level of readers service. If you go the extra mile for your readers, they will go the extra mile to come back to your blog. Being polite in all communications is only a very small part of good readers service. Everything from your blog content to complaint responses need to be well thought out and geared towards retaining readers.
  • Branding Blog
The more synonymous your blog becomes with the content you provide, the more likely that people will return to your blog. Make sure that all of your blog pages, emails, newsletters, invoices, and other forms of communication include your blog address at the very least. Make it memorable and don't chop and change designs and logos unless a re-branding is deemed absolutely necessary.
  • Get Your Visitors Involved
Involving your site visitors will help to bring them back to your blog time and time again. Web 2.0 applications provide a plethora of ways to involve blog visitors. Sites, forums, and any interactive tool will help to make your blog bookmarkable. Even for visitors that don't take action while on your blog, you will attract them back more frequently, and the more exposure a visitor has to your blog, the more likely they become every day readers.
  • Why Readers Loyalty Is Important To Your Blog
Return visitors are one of your greatest assets. You've already done a lot of the hard work with your preliminary marketing campaigns to atrack them. Ensure that everything from your blog to your email newsletter to your packing slips are effectively branded with your blog details and always uphold the highest level of communication. If you can get your blog visitors more involved in your blog then you stand to profit even more from readers loyalty.

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Web 2.0 Wealth System Review  

Web 2.0 Wealth System is a series of training videos by Alex Sysoef designed to teach people how to create profitable blogs, with the claim that if you follow the step-by-step instructions you will begin earning money within seven days.

Yaro Starak has made a great review of Web 2.0 Wealth System product complete which is sold for $67.00 online, but Alex has offered a $20 discount to readers of Yaro’s blog, so you can get his product for $47. This seems to be quite good deal for Yaro readers and also Alex business.

Now you probably ask yourself what is in this Wealth System product? You will find basic tips and tricks for blogging beginners and explanation for all "unknown" blogging terms like RSS, SEO, PPC, Affiliate, CPC, and more. For complete Yaro's product review go HERE.

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Earn Money With Zotspot Search Engine  

First search and earn program, which was introduced in this blog was SlashMySearch. I have to say that I don't use it anymore, because they constantly changing their TOS policy, search engine companies and incredible amount of search engine downtimes. So, I decided to find new search toolbar which will pay me for search through it.

I run into zotspot, which is widely spread on the web among users. I immediately made a search about search engine on MyLot and was positively surprised, because I couldn't find any complaint related to zotspot. I even installed zotspot toolbar as add-on for Firefox browser and open new discussion on MyLot about toolbar. Let’s see what zotspot tell their users about it:

zotspot search is an Internet search website that shares its revenue with you, the user. You can keep your earnings or donate them to one or more causes (e.g., charities or universities). zotspot enables you to increase your monthly earnings by referring your friends (read below for more details). zotspot is incorporated in the state of New York and has relationships with numerous reputable organizations such as Bank of America and News Corp.

  • How much do I make for referring people?
You will earn money for up to three "generations" of referrals. The people who you refer directly are your first generation. The people who they refer are your second generation. And, the people who your second generation refers are your third generation.
Your earnings from a referral will depend on how much that referral uses the site. The more they earn for themselves, the more they will also earn for you.

Generation 1, 2 and 3 referrals will all have equal earning power. For example, if a generation 1 member and a generation 3 member use the site in the same way each will generate the same amount of money for you.

To give you a sense of the earning potential, we estimate that each referral who uses zotspot as their primary search engine will generate between $0.10 and $0.50 for you per year (we can't guarantee those estimates, but we hope to continue to increase member earnings and even pass those numbers in the future!). That may not seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly. Here is an example of how much money you can earn:
If you refer 10 people, they each refer 10 people and so on; you could earn over $250 per year. Here are some more scenarios.

The bottom line is that if you refer a lot of people, you can earn a lot of money. If you want to join the zotspot click here!

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Make Money With Gaming Sites  

Last two weeks I got numerous invitations for Moola games on MyLot. Back then I didn't have a clue what Moola is. So, I decided to find out more about that game. In the mine time I found article about new gaming boom on the web, which said that Social networks, cash payouts and gaming are probably the new frontier in the online money making business. Here is brief roundup of the newer players in this space:


  • The Pitch: Users collect tokens by playing games, then submit the tokens for sweepstakes prizes.
  • The Money: Backed by Barry Diller’s InterActiveCorp.
  • The Take: With that kind of corporate backing, this one is here to stay. Its content bears some resemblance to that of other big sites (MSN Games, for example), but with the promise of prizes — some of them in the form of cold, hard cash.
  • The Pitch: Free, web-based casual games that people can personalize by uploading their own images and sounds (or images and sounds they choose from the shared library), and then share on the web. Game developers get a revenue share cut.
  • The Money: Self-funded by entrepreneur Kendall Kunz.
  • The Take: Until they get more developers in there with some new games in different genres, the personalization of really basic games has limited appeal.
  • The Pitch: Visitors get a penny to start, then climb a pyramid of prize money that doubles with each win (much like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”). The winnings top out at over $10 million — but you’d have to win 30 games in a row to collect that.
  • The Money: Backed by 3Genius.
  • The Take: Get paid to play games and look at advertising? Cool — but how will we know that the system won’t cheat? Read the TechCrunch buzz.
  • The Pitch: Compete with other gamers for cash playing the games you already have, and record your wins on the embedded video player to share with your community. The interaction may be casual but the games themselves are core enthusiast games chosen by the users.
  • The Money: Parent company Minoto Entertainment Europe, which is funded by Lunatech Ventures.
  • The Take: Wagering money on matches over the Internet in a real way is bound to lead to some trouble, but will undoubtedly appeal to the most enthusiastic players.

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How To Find A Profitable Niche  

There is nothing better to make big money with a blog than profitable niche. Some niches are widely spread through the web and it seems that everybody write about same thing. Choosing the same niche as most of the people won't bring you big money. Instead you have to chose niche that is not widely spread and has potential because it has been mostly ignored by everyone else.

  • First, make sure you understand what a profitable niche is
A niche is merely a segment of a larger market. You have to identify it, target it and approach it with a highly-focused approach. Most niches only contain a small percentage of the total market, perhaps 1-3%. When you successfully identify a niche market, it becomes much easier to realize a good profit. If you have identified it properly, you will be marketing to a smaller, select group of prospects who really need the product or service you are offering because your competition has ignored them. There just isn't an available supply to meet the demands of the niche marketplace.
  • Start identifying the niche with keyword research
If you plan to do business on the Internet (and who doesn't today) start looking for your profitable niche by doing keyword research. Keywords are simply terms that apply as specifically as possible to your suspected niche. You can surf the Internet and come up with a good idea of "needs" that aren't being met. When you find one, you can use a keyword suggestion tool. Here's what that is: Let's say you think that there is an available niche for upholstery cleaning solutions. Do some research to locate keywords related to this subject such as upholstery cleaning, cleaning solutions and upholstery. If you don't find anything much, you have a good niche. When you locate a keyword that is frequently searched for which there is a short supply, you've learned something important.
  • Market trends can also be found on eBay and yahoo!
eBay and Yahoo! are good places to look at current market trends. Research the products on eBayt to see which ones are getting the highest bids. Find out which niche markets products are targeted to and what similar products are available. You may even be able to find out about other less-suspected niches at the same time.
  • Check out affiliate markets as well as the primary ones
The Internet has no shortage of affiliate programs used for networking purposes. Look over affiliate programs to determine just what products or services they are offering and which ones are selling best. Ask yourself just which niche each product is aimed at. You, too, can utilize affiliates and sell their products on your website in addition to your own. People make a great deal of profit on the Internet through affiliates.
  • Create traffic to your website through writing articles
You can write articles and submit them or have someone write them for you if you're not a good writer yourself. Good writers can be found on any of a number of websites for freelance writers. It costs very little to prepare articles and submit them to available Internet article directories. If you include keywords in your articles, they will lead people to you when they search the web with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL and others. You can determine which of your published articles have received the most "hits" and this can provide you with valuable information about your niches.
  • Check out bookstores online and offline
It's also a workable technique to check for suspected market niches in bookstores like Barnes & Noble or online via Look for books that are targeted to your niche. If the shelves are crammed with them, it's probably not too good. However if the opposite is the case, and there are few books aimed at your subject, you may have identified a winner. The same method can be used by looking over the magazines at your local newsstand, reviewing advertisement for the general market so see if any are targeted to your niche.

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MyLot tips and tricks  

I think it is time to write about MyLot again. I am a member of MyLot for about a year now. Through all that time on MyLot I gained some skills and learned few tricks about money making, which I will explain in this post.

  1. Don't put referral links in your posts, because they will be deleted and you will lose your earned money and number of posts you made will decrease. Instead start discussion about program and invite people to visit your blog and join it there!
  2. Take care of your referrals. When I enter Mylot, the first things I do are click on every profile of every referral and participate in their every discussion. If they’re posting well, I help their ratings increase by pressing the (+) button. When a referral stops posting, I visit his blog and see what’s wrong with him. Well this trick is easy to do if you have only five referrals as I do, but if you have more referrals it could be hard to do that every day!
  3. Type a lot. Keep a 300-word minimum limit to your posts. Because the more you type per post, the more you earn. An easy way to help this would be creating a specific signature, for example, when you end your posts. I am working on mine signature!
  4. be choosy, but participate. Only post in your friend’s and referral’s discussions, and discussions in your interests, you earn more from them than from other discussions.
Forget uploading pictures, starting too many discussions and all that. They take too long, and you could earn more with that time. And don’t complain about Mylot, yes, your favorite discussion did get wiped, but Mylot does clean up most discussions every month, what matters are that your earnings don’t change.
Remember, more words = More $ per post
Mylot isn’t a great money-making program, but over a long time it can earn you some money. Of course visit MyLot profile. The link is in sidebar under “Link List”.

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WidgetBucks is Genuine Money Maker!  

Yesterday, I experienced another pleasant surprise in my money making quest. Program I already introduced to you announced October earnings. I earned total of 70.19$ for October. Of course I added up sign-up bonus and earnings from my referrals.

If you look at picture you can see that I earned 6.67$ from my sites and 25$ sign-up bonus plus 38.52$ from my referrals. I have only four referrals, which means that they earned a lot more then me. I get 10% of their earnings and if I get 38.52$ they had to earned 385.20$ total. I think that is fair enough and that they should be glad that I introduced them with this money making program. I am also very happy that they join my downline!

All of you who still don't have account with WidgetBucks can still get one HERE. I welcome you in my community!

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Yuwie as long term investment plan!  

People earn money with AdSense every day, but only webmasters with well known and popular sites or blogs can say that they earn steady income with it. Earnings of other webmasters are very small and constantly change.

This is the main reason I joined and have big confidence in Yuwie. I don’t need to be webmaster of some popular site or blog to make steady money with Yuwie. All I need to do is to gain few referrals and build my friendship community. The rest is all fun!!!

Don’t expect quick money with Yuwie. Build your network toward steady monthly income!!!
Today I would like to introduce you with my last two month earnings and progress I made with this program.

I started with Yuwie on September and through whole month I manage to gain 2 direct referrals and total of 20 referrals in downline. That resulted in 19,484 page views and for September I earned 0, 75$. That is not bad for the first month!
In October I and my downline managed to boost our Yuwie downilne further more and that resulted in 67,267 page views and total of 290 referrals. I earned 1, 73$ for October. That is more then 100% increase in just one month period!
For November I expect even more then 100% increase of what I made in October. The reason for that prediction is that I already have total of 613 referrals in my downline and 44,058 page views until today (and it’s only 12 November).

Overall picture will show you that as long as everybody makes at least 1.000 page views a month, earnings will be as predicted in money tree.

If nothing goes wrong I expect steady monthly income from Yuwie in the middle of the next year.

For all of you who haven’t tried it yet, I can say only one thing: stop thinking, read Yuwie tips and tricks and join it!

This is the latest Y-guy report about October earnings:
  • October's RSR and Earnings
The October RSR and earnings reports have been generated. Just go to your control panel, and click the earnings icon (the moneybag) to see your earnings.


The RSR is a lot lower than we would like, but advertising was bad last month. This month looks much better, so far. Keep in mind that Internet advertising has peaks and valleys, so our RSR will always fluctuate some.
  • FYI:
  1. You have to have a minimum of $25 before you can get paid.
  2. We pay net 60 which means any earnings for October will be paid around January 1. (We have to collect from advertisers before we can pay you)
  3. If you didn't earn enough to get a check this month, your earnings will be rolled into next month.

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Nothing like this Genuine Business Plan!  

The idea started in EU first and after that went to USA. Usually we have programs like this coming from USA here. This one started in EU first. You have never seen on the internet before, nothing like this Genuine Business Plan!

WorldGamersClub is a club for people who love video Games or know someone that does. Members have an opportunity to sell games and make 80% of the earnings. To become a member, you purchase one game at $15 (payments by e-gold or AlertPay). This is one-time out of pocket, however, you may purchase as many games as you wish.

  • The business plan:
Once you purchase a game, you are entered into a 2x3 matrix. You are at the top and the entire matrix will need to be filled. You, your referrals or spill fill the matrix. There is also a follow the leader aspect to this. All your personal referrals will follow you.
Image Hosted by
Right now there are 3 Levels you may choose to complete. I say choose to complete because you may opt to get out at any stage in between.
  • Level 1:
Members that sponsor two people will earn 75$ and reenter into Level 1 after completing the matrix. In your Members area there will be a link to choose which option you prefer:
  • receive $75 on your account… or
  • receive $25 in your account and enter in Level 2
Members that sponsor one person will receive $30 and re-enter into Level 1

Members that sponsor no one will only receive a re-entry into Level 1
  • Level 2:
If you sponsored two people in Level 1, then you enter Level 2. When you cycle Level 2 you earn $250. You can also chose to:
  • receive $250 in your account… or
  • receive $100 and enter into Level 3
  • Level 3:
  • in Level 3, after you cycle you earn $750.
There will be 6 cycles very soon and the top Level; Level 6 will pay a whopping $50,000. Of course you can opt to get out at any stage in between. That is the beauty of this program. You can choose to enter into the next cycle or take your money.

Once you've signed up, have a look at the Business Plan in your member’s area. That explains about spillover, Follow the leader, etc.

To check it out and sign up, click here.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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Google will Integrate AdSense with FeedBurner Site Ads  

Google is making it easy and all integrated among its various web properties. Soon after Google acquired Feedburner, such changes were expected. You can use FeedBurner to display AdSense ads between your blogs posts. Unfortunately, you still can’t show AdSense advertisements in your site feed.

Google say about ads on Feedburner:

The FeedBurner gang is working tirelessly over here to integrate feed-related services into the Google family of products and we’re specifically focused on services that will help you expand your reach and earn revenue.
AdSense advertisements will be shown only if there are no FeedBurner Ads for that location. If you have already added FeedFlare or FAN activated on your site, then you don’t need to edit your template to get started. Just login to FeedBurner, select your feed and go to the monetize tab to merge your existing AdSense account with FeedBurner.

The procedure to use it is very simple:
  • Login into Feedburner account and click on Monetize tab.
  • Then click on activate button and save settings.
  • Then click on link to login/create Adsense account.
  • If you have Adsense account, you will need to verify via email.
This new future of Feedburner and AdSense will be very useful for bloggers who have a lot of readers via Feedburner. Because if you use full feed on your blog, most of the readers wont visit your blog anymore. They will read your blog through various RSS readers.

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Earn with DealDotCom Affiliate Marketing program  

DealDotCom is so new affiliate marketing program. Site is created for Internet marketing products, DealDotCom sell anything and everything related to building an online business, increasing traffic, monetizing your websites, blogging, web design. DealDotCom made a deal with Internet Marketers who sell high-quality products, and convincing them to let them sell it at huge discounts.

DealDotCom only have one product for sale each day. Product is for sale at an insanely low price, and there is an extremely limited number of copies available. That product is available only until it sells out, or until midnight the next night, when they pull it down and start selling a new product.

Sell Your Products Through DealDotCom

If you have an Internet marketing product, then DealDotCom opens another sales channel for you, but you have to offer a very good deal.

Whatever you’re selling through us must be an actual DEAL. Offering $10 off a $500 product is definitely not a deal. Likewise, allowing us to sell your $47 product for $97, and letting us keep the extra fifty bucks is most certainly not a deal.

One of The Best Affiliate Programs on The Net

DealDotCom offers a two-tier affiliate program. When you refer others to DealDotCom and they get a free account, they are marked in the system as having been referred by you. Anything that they buy will nets you a 35% commission. Unlike other affiliate programs that place a time limit your commission (like AuctionAds’ 5% for 6 months), the DealDotCom commission is forever. That’s right, forever. It doesn’t matter if they buy something tomorrow, next week, or fifty years from now - you’re going to get paid. What’s more, anyone that they refer to DealDotCom goes on your second tier. Anything people on your second tier buy nets you a 15% commission, forever.

DealDotCom pays its affiliates 30 days after the end of the month by PayPal. They can also send you a check via snail mail if you’re still living in the dark ages. This is by far one of the best affiliate deals and I highly recommend you take advantage of it.

Only bad thing about DealDotCom affiliate site I come across is their support for blogger. I can use only their RSS, which I placed under my "Recent Posts" widget. I know that will lover my sell rate for 99%. Users with wordpress platform have big advantage here, because DealDotCom offeres plugin for wordpress. With this plugin you will have displayed picture of every product that is on sale on your blog and that is big advantage!

Sign up for DealDotCom

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Gain new blog readers with Google Adwords  

Last months I wrote several tips about increasing your blog traffic, but the best way to boost your blog traffic is to promote it on some ad network. I recommend using Google AdWords as one of the biggest advertising company. Google AdWords is one of the best advertising tools on the Internet. All major publishers are using it. For all who don't know Google AdWords are opposite as Google AdSense. Main difference between them is that AdWords are used by advertisers and Adsense is used by publishers.

Google AdWords are good only if you know how to implement Adwords properly to achieve maximum potential. So what exactly should you be doing to ensure that you get the best possible results from Adwords?

  • Use targeted keywords
Never go with the full list of keywords that Google suggests, chose only words, which represent your blog niche. Unrelated keywords will bring "unwonted" people to your site and that is not what you want! You have to focus on the people that will be interested with your blog content. Only those people could become your every day readers.

For example: if you attract wrong people that are not interested with your blog content, they wont come back again and you will waste your advertising money for nothing. Keywords really are the central hub of your success on AdWords.
  • Search for the keywords that you are buying
Type the keywords into Google. See if your competitors are showing. If the page that shows is unrelated to your business then probably it is not a good search for you.
  • Study your competitors
Companies that know what they are doing in the area of search will have their page titles loaded with their best keywords. Have a look at the good performers in your market. See what keywords they are using in the page titles (the text that appears in the top bar of the browser window). If you are familiar with viewing the source of a page, you can see the keywords they have placed in their 'keywords' META tag.
  • Use lots of keywords
Think of as many ways of saying your product or service as you can. This will enable you to buy more specific keywords. It is much better to buy a specific keyword such as 'How to make money online', than expect to catch this search on a broad match of 'make money online'.
  • Use keyword research tools
Google's tool is good in that it suggests similar searches. Google's tool is available as you set up your AdWords account. You type in a search and the tool will return similar searches. Some of these will be irrelevant so be careful.
  • Test different positions
How much of a difference will being in the first position, as opposed to the second, third or sixth position make, for your net profit? The answer is that it depends on your creative, industry and who else is bidding on your keywords. Test your creative in each position and work out where it will be most effective, from an ROI point of view. Remember also that the AdWords ranking algorithm works on a bid price x CTR (click through rate) basis (it's actually more complicated than that, but this gives an idea as to why out of two ads with similar bids, one will be higher because of a higher CTR).
  • Write two or three different ads
Write two or three different ads and Google will rotate them in this ad group. The creative that gives you the highest ROI is the one you should go with. You need to give the test long enough to produce statistically significant results. How long this is depends on the search volume and the number of conversions you achieve. Use common sense as to when you think the results show that one ad is better than the others unless you know your stats.

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