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Rewarded by exclusive profit share system  

Surfing through the web I run into one good program. Back then the program was in its initial phase, which was very good for mixture of High Yield Investment and paid to read program. So I decide to join the program immediately.

By joining the program I got 1 slot worth 10$ free. It was fantastic, but I had to go through another thing. If I want to make money I had to have at least one active slot. You can activate your free slot only if you buy another slot for 10$. So I invested 10$ and purchased one slot to become active member.

My earning days started with two slots 20$ (10$ each). From that point all I had to do is reading one paying mail a day and my earnings would be calculated and added to my account balance.

Details about program activity:

How It Works: Members can purchase "AdRaker Slots" at a price of $10.00US each. Don't forget your first AdRaker Slot comes with a bonus slot free! Then just read and click on only 1 email each day to qualify for your Daily Rake payment which is a dividend of's total revenue for the day.

How Daily Revenue is calculated: Daily revenue is calculated by adding the total number of AdRaker Slots purchased for the day to the total revenue from email and sponsor advertising sales.

How Daily Rake is Paid: The daily revenue is divided by the total number of active AdRaker slots to get the per slot rake value which is then paid to each member accordingly. E.G. So if you had 25 AdRaker slots and the per slot dividend value for that day was $1.50 you would receive $37.50 for that day... Easy! This exclusive profit share system is the principal reason AdRaker can NEVER go bankrupt or run out of funds.

Those days I was rewarded (paid), because I didn't lose my faith in the program.

20$ (just 2 slots) = 38$ after slots expire

If you would like to see more detail report about my earnings or just visit the site and join this investment program.

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Easy to make money with paid forums  

Probably lots of you have your favorite forum where you participate in discussions every day. Every forum has a post counter where you can monitor number of posts you made. This number slowly increases and your popularity slowly rises. Then you come to the point were your participation in forum becomes regularly on daily basis. You start to fill that forum is part of you and you become slightly addicted. Nothing is wrong with that, but wouldn't be nice if you would be paid for doing that? Yes you heard it right. There are few forums that give you a chance to earn money by participating in their forum discussions.

How does this forums work? For every post you make you get some points. Number of current points is visible in your status panel along with avatar and user name. How many points you get per post varies between forums. When you get certain amount of points then you can exchange them for money.

Global Gold Talk forum is the first one I decided to join and my opinion on this one is very high. Forum gives you 4 points for every quality post you made. They even let you to put your signature which will be visible on every post you made (by adding your site or blog in signature you get new visitors). That is not all. Forum has it own GGT store where you can buy things or put your points in the bank where rates are 10%. Payments are made via e-gold when you reach certain amount of points. At the moment 60.000 is worth 25$.

4Newbies forum is the second one. I am real newbie here. I had received 100 points by joining. At this moment I don't understand how many points you get per post, but points rise very fast here. Rules for posting are very strict and measures for quality post are much higher than one in GGT. Signature and referral links are forbidden. Payments are made via e-gold or CEP Trust when you reach certain amount of points. At the moment for 2.500 points you get 1$ and 55.000 points are worth 25$.

I hope you will enjoy in those two new money making opportunities that were present to you in this post. They are slightest different then posting in message board which was presented before, but you will earn easy money here.

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Tips for beating Hyips  

Money investment in Hyips becomes everyday experience for most of the people. It is easy to find hyip program and invest some money, but you can quickly lose all your investment funds. You have to be aware that, when you play/invest in a hyip, you're going against a potential scammer. Note the word "potential".

When hyip program starts, usually pays to all its members. Time goes on and hyip program manage to allure more members every day. That result in more money being collected and it is a time when potential scammers occur.

There are several ways to win big on a hyip that is getting hot. There are different percentages of how much you can actually win. Fast ones are from 120-150% daily.

The most important thing you need to do before investing in hyip is little research. You can choose to do something (research) when you invest in a hyip or you can choose to sit back and see what fate has destined for you.

For the amateurs:

  1. Go to find out who is the owner of the site (maybe you will find out that owner is well known scammer).
  2. Always invite the owner/admin of the hyip site to a forum (MMG) for example.
  3. Don't trust anyone ever, even posters in forum.
  4. You need to loose some money sometimes to learn your lessons. Just start with $1 or two if you feel not confident.
  5. Check with the sites you are interested in and always check at forums on payment status.
  6. Check hyip monitor sites, but don't trust them 100%

For the veterans:
  1. Use others money to play. Promote your referral links.
  2. Put your sites on rotation *autosurf, free credits*
  3. Post in forum, build your reputation.
  4. You can choose to diversify or focus.
  5. Hit it big (invest allot if confident and maybe have a chat) with the admin.
  6. Always be notified if there is any issue regarding payment.
  7. Go against the admin if you'd rather save your $$$ than your reputation.
  8. Always invest what you can afford to loose. Hit & Run tactic always work.

  • Timing is important, when you invest, what you do to promote your hyip, & leveraging and minimizing your risk by using others' money to play or referral commissions.

We all know most hyips are PONZI SCHEME which relies on fresh money into the program in order to pay out early birds. Being early bird in a hyip, doesn't necessarily make you a winner. Sometimes hyip admins run away with the first money that has been invested in program, because of that most important thing is: DON’T invest large sum of money if the hyip program has just started.

Follow these simple rules and maybe you will manage to achieve the goal of this post. Good luck to all investors out there!!!

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Multi Level Marketing or MLM  

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model that combines direct marketing with franchising.

Multi-level marketing businesses function by recruiting salespeople (also called Distributors, Independent Business Owners, IBOs, Franchise Owners, Sales Consultants, Beauty Consultants, Consultants, etc.) to sell a product and offer additional sales commissions based on the sales of people recruited into their downline, an organization of people that includes direct recruits, recruits' recruits, etc. This arrangement is similar to franchise arrangements where royalties are paid from the sales of individual franchise operations to the franchisor as well as to an area or region manager, but in some MLM programs, there can be seven or more levels of people receiving royalties from one person's sales.

Multi-level marketing has an image problem due to the fact that it is often difficult to distinguish legitimate MLMs from illegal pyramid or Ponzi schemes. MLM businesses operate in the United States in all 50 states and in more than 100 other countries, and new businesses may use terms like "affiliate marketing" or "home-based business franchising". However, many pyramid schemes try to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses.

In the most legitimate MLM companies, commissions are earned only on sales of the company's products or services. No money may be earned from recruiting alone ("sign-up fees"), though money earned from the sales of members recruited is one attraction of MLM arrangements. If participants are paid primarily from money received from new recruits, or if they are required to buy more product than they are likely to sell, then the company is a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, which is illegal in most countries.

New salespeople may be required to pay for their own training and marketing materials, or to buy a significant amount of inventory. A commonly adopted test of legality is that MLMs must resell or use at least 70% of their inventory. This is to prevent members "inventory loading" in order to qualify for additional bonuses. The Federal Trade Commission offers advice for potential MLM members to help them identify those which are likely to be pyramid schemes.

The FTC issued a decision, In re. Amway Corp. in 1979, which indicated that multi-level marketing was not per se illegal. However, Amway was found guilty of price fixing (by requiring "independent" distributors to sell at the low price) and making exaggerated income claims.

The Federal Trade Commission advises that multi-level marketing organizations with greater incentives for recruitment than product sales are to be viewed skeptically. In April 2006, it proposed a Business Opportunity Rule intended to require all sellers of business opportunities—including MLMs—to provide enough information to enable prospective buyers to make an informed decision about their probability of earning money. FTC trade regulation rules usually take 1-1/2 to 3 years before a final rule is established.

Criticisms have been raised against MLM programs for being cult-like in nature. Many MLM programs feature intense motivational programs, which can be hard to distinguish from cult propaganda. Criticism of Amway as a cult have been regarded as largely baseless, though some of the "Independent Business Organizations" within Amway have been accused of operating as cults.

Another criticism is that MLM programs are set up to make most distributors fail, as there is a continued incentive to continue to recruit distributors even as the products have reached market saturation, thus causing the average earnings per distributor to continue to fall.

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Second round of scam  

How many of you, remember the biggest autosurf scam program, that scammed a lot of people few months ago? Let me help you that were Wired Surf. Back then they stated that closing of the program lied in collapse of Storm Pay. That was partially true, but they left many wired members strand of their money. There where few of them who manifest that Wired Surf owing them several thousand dollars.

It was April, 2007 when Wired Surf got back on the scene with promise to stay in the autosurf industry for a long time. Eventually to return money to all investors who lost their money first time (after collapse of Storm Pay). It all looked fine, because members were paid regularly and Wired Surf started to gain trust, which resulted in huge member expansion.

First problems start too occurred after e-gold was indicted. Page suddenly had a lot of problems and finally they stated: "because of e-gold was indicted our account was wiped out and we stayed without all founds". That strike me like a bomb! I couldn't believe that all happen again. I know it was my mistake, because I believe them again despite knowing all about previous scam.

The most interesting is their statement about e-gold account was wiped out. After e-gold indictment a lot of scam admin used the same excuse to run away with investor’s money. One of them, admin of please-invest program robed all members of his site and declared funniest statement I had ever heard.

Statement of please-invest admin:

Round 1 of Please Invest is now complete and we will be starting round 2 tomorrow. All accounts have been credited with a 100% loss. All withdrawals have been cancelled and everything is set and ready to go again. This time, Please Invest will operate with the strictest of rules and will not experience such problems as it did during round 1. Round 2 will be entirely backed by real investment activities and will not be a ponzi.

When I read it I couldn't believe it. After scamming people who trusted him, he decided to open second round of scam. We can describe parallel between these two programs. Wired Surf stuff announced opening of new program in June and please-invest admin also announced his second round. I think that is outrageous for all site members who lost money in one of those programs. Instead laying low they are preparing to scam as again and this is the reason for writing this post. Don't let those scammers to scam again!!!

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Perfect opportunity to own the internet by scamming millions  

A month ago, while surfing the net I run in perfect money making opportunity. Start reading and learned everything about their promises, that users will own the internet by downloading their viewbar and earn money surfing the net through it. I was so thrilled that I even maid my blog to introduce this opportunity to wider audience and to gain some referrals.

Member would maid 30$ a month and another 15$ for each member they refer. It looked great!!! I immediately started calculating how much will I earn in month, six months and even a year. Release of the viewbar was set on 14th April and I barely waited that day.

Finally that day came and nothing happen. Site owners released the press information that viewbar is in their final test mode, postponing the release of the viewbar. After this information, I start to investigate Agloco and found they have rely huge members database, thousands blogs writing about Agloco (my blog wasn't first one) and even forums where Agloco members could communicate with each other are made. Basically every country in the world has its own forum. There is also John Chow who clamed that has over 4000 underline Agloco members.

So what is Agloco all about? Is this the new era for marketing or is just another well thought scam? Nobody knows that. We can do only two things:

1. Threaded it like scam and forget about Agloco existence or

2. Join Agloco and wait what will happen

I chose second one for now, but if viewbar won't see the daylight anywhere soon...

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Get paid while you write on message boards  

While I was searching for some new money making opportunity I bumped on MyLot. You will probably ask, what is MyLot and how can you earn money from it? MyLot is similar to a forum, you start or participate in discussions or open new thread and unlike most forums the discussions and thread can be about any subject. The most important difference between MyLot and forums is that MyLot pay you for contributing. Payments are not enormous, but you will earn some dissent money.

After few days of participating in MyLot all starts to be a little addicting, especially if you like to participate in forums and discussions. I am a member for five days now and already addicted. First thing in the morning that I do, is visiting MyLot and checking if somebody replayed to my thread. MyLot start to accrue my heart slowly.

Money making is not the only thing you gain by joining MyLot. By putting link to your site or blog in profile you can generate some extra traffic. At the end you also get to know a lot of new people and make new friends online.

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