How to make money online

This blog will show you how to make money with tips and tricks using Adsense, Forex, SEO, Affiliate and Web 2.0 programs.

Earn Money with link monetization  

Another good money making program which turns your links into paying links is URL Cash. Program offers various earning types and all if left to you to decide which type you will use. Now lets see what they offer...

The registration process is free, fast and easy. We will not ask for any personal information during the registration, we value your privacy. A registration will just benefit you in all ways that you will be able completely use all our features.

  • Start making money today
  • Easy money without annoying anyone
  • Make unlimited paying links in seconds
  • Real time gallery generator for images - more money
  • Keep track of your links with statistics
  • Automatic website script will generate paying links in real time
  • Get paid when you want on time, any time - through paypal, e-gold, bank wire transfer or moneybrookers
  • Real time submissions to: Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, Xanga, LiveJournal, Freewebs, Facebook, Blogger, Tagged and Typepad.
  • Automatic site generator
When your site is done loading the links on the site is converted into paying links that will make you money. This is because every link goes to a page that will include our banner that you will get the money from. With this script your will make money every time someone leaves your site for someone else. All you need to do is to put a simple code onto your website and you are making money.
  • Manual link generator
With this function you will choose more specifically which of your links you prefer to be paying links. With our batch link generator you can create unlimited amount of links in one sweep. This is perfect if you like to post links on forums and blogs. Your links is saved in your account so you can go back whenever you want to retrieve your old links to be used when you need them again.
  • Galleries
Everyone likes galleries with images on them. With the use of the above link generator it can make a gallery of all the images in your batch code in one sweep. You will get payed for each and all views to that gallery – and the links on it. Easy as a piece of cake!
  • We support real time blog submissions!
If you are a blogger - You can submit your paying links or galleries directly to your blog. We will add new blogs to our tool as soon as we find the needs for it. We currently support the biggest blogs and communities on the internet. These contains but is not limited to Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, Xanga, LiveJournal, Freewebs, Facebook, Blogger, Tagged and Typepad. It has never been so easy to submit content to your blog.
  • Make your own free Imageblog with paying links!
Once your logged in you will can make your very own image blog. This blog is containing your paying links, which means your blog visitors will make you money. Our statistics show that if you attend a little time to your image blog, you will make good money from that feature. The blog settings is fully customizable, except for the base blog layout. Go for it, create your own image blog today.
  • How much will URL Cash pay me?
We pay our members up to 78% of the sites income. Up to 68% is your own redirects and the other 10% is the earnings you get from your referrals redirects. Your rate will start on 45% and then grow or sink, this is depending on your traffics quality. The better your redirect traffic is, the more money to your wallet. We closely monitor your traffics quality to increase your payout.

Currently the income for URL Cash is $1 per 9500 top frame redirects and $1 per 3500 intermission page redirects. (October 2007)
  • Refering other members makes more money.
Refer members to URL Cash and make extra money. You will get additional 10% of that member's earnings. This number is set to static at 10% and will not change during the month in any way.

On top of that - you will get additional $4 bonus for each member that you refer who will make his / hers first 15.000 redirects. It can't be better than that. Oh Wait, it can! If your referred member makes over 300.000 redirects within 30 days you will get additional $4 bonus for that member. Thats $8 for doing almost nothing.

I recommend that you use URL Cash with Share-A-Pic program to maximize your earnings. If you aren't satisfied with this program you can always try his opponent User Cash which pays only through e-gold or E-passport. Wish you happy earnings!

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Paid To Click Earnings review for October  

From now on I will post my monthly earnings and progress in paid to click programs I am involved. I think that there is no use to promote some programs if I don't tell my readers what is going on, after they become member of such program.

All my best programs could be found in my blogs sidebar under the label: Money Makers. Money Maker label combine best paid to click, paid to read, paid to write and paid to socialize programs. I don't have time today to introduce you with all programs, because this post would be focused only on paid to click programs and I decided to introduce you with this two:

I made my first cashout request in this program. Payment status is still in pending mode, because has recently change their cash out policy and I have to wait 30 days before my payment will be proceeded. Here is picture of my 12.14 dollars pending payment:

AdBux is not only paid to click program anymore! You can also complete offers in this program. Read the mail I received in my mail box from their administrator.

AdBux Offers!
We've officially and finally launched the new offer section and currently have over 80 offers available in 239 countries with new offers being added everyday. Nearly all of the offers are 100% free, some of the free offers pay up to $10+ per signup!

Currently, most offers are only available to countries like the US, Canada, UK and Australia... however, the amount of offers will continue to grow per country as we continue to create more affiliate relationships with third party advertisers.

On the last newsletter, we mentioned that the referral commission will be up to 10%. Well, to once again revolutionize things (hey, we did it to PTC, we can do it to PTS), we've changed this figure to (up to) 100% commission on what your referrals earn from their completed offers. When I say "up to," I mean that non-premium members earn 50% while premium members earn 100% direct referral commission. If you're premium and one of your referrals earns $20 from offers, you'll earn $20 from those offers too.

Maybe you aren't truly realizing the new potential that AdBux is clearly portraying. The total worth of JUST the FREE offers is currently $137.16! If you live in a country where there are only a few offers available, your referrals from other parts of the world can do the offers and you'll make the same amount of money as if you were to do them! The only difference is that you won't directly earn from those offers because you didn't have them in the first place!

We launched this last night at 10:00 EST and some users have already earned over $30 in offer earnings.

We planned on getting the support pages all updated with the new offer program today but other things got in the way, look for those updates by tomorrow sometime. The updates will explain how the offers work, pending times, incomplete offers and more.


Here is picture of my current earnings status:

Next month I will introduce you with all my paid to click programs. So, you could see how is my money making mission improving. Also wait for my November Yuwie report, which will certainly stun you! I can promise you that!

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Is it true that selling Text Link Ads drops your PageRank?  

Most of the blogs and sites write about page rank these days. The reason for all that fuss is that Google reveled new PageRank numbers and majority of famous bloggers and sites were cooping with downward PageRank numbers for their blogs and sites. Apparently they were penalized by Google, because they were selling Contextual Link Ads like TextLinkAds on their site.

Before I introduce you with bloggers who blames that they were penalized and that their PageRank dropped recently, let’s see what PageRank is and how Google explained it on their blog.

Wikipedia describes PageRank:
PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references. The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element E is also called the PageRank of E and denoted by PR(E).

Google describes PageRank:
PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important".

We can say that PageRank results from a "ballot" among all the other pages on the World Wide Web about how important a page is. A hyperlink to a page counts as a vote of support. The PageRank of a page is defined recursively and depends on the number and PageRank metric of all pages that link to it ("incoming links"). A page that is linked to by many pages with high PageRank receives a high rank itself. If there are no links to a web page there is no support for that page.

Google assigns a numeric weighting from 0-10 for each webpage on the Internet; this PageRank denotes your site’s importance in the eyes of Google. The scale for PageRank is logarithmic like the Richter scale and roughly based upon quantity of inbound links as well as importance of the page providing the link.

Most probably penalized blogger:

Yaro Starak:
Based on the conversations going on, some referencing to my blog as an example to prove the point, it appears that Google could be going around and manually penalizing sites by dropping their visible PageRank and possibly penalizing their search results too, as a punishment for selling text links.

John Chow:
The most popular reason given for the first batch of PR downgrade (I went from 6 to 5) was that those sites that got hit were selling links. However, that reasoning doesn’t seem to hold anymore because (from 6 to 4) and bunch of other blogs doesn’t sell links.

Daily Blog Tips:
Last week, I noticed the Stanford Daily had dropped from when I wrote the above in April to PR7 today. That’s a huge drop that has no apparent reason to happen. Some others were also reporting PageRank drops. I ping Google, and they confirmed that PageRank scores are being lowered for some sites that sell links.

In addition, Google said that some sites that are selling links may indeed end up being dropped from its search engine or have penalties attached, to prevent them from ranking well.

You will know what is true and what isn’t, after you try selling Contextual Link Ads on your blog. I am not selling them, but even if I would there would be no loss for me, because my PageRank is 0.

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Avoid Simple Mistakes and Fallow Golden Rules  

Good blog design is something that can be achieved relatively easily by sticking to a small set of guiding principles and avoiding some very common mistakes. Excellent blog design skills are born out of years of experience, dedication and plenty of hard-learned mistakes. Fortunately, being truly excellent at blog design is not a pre-requisite for building a fantastic blog and the lessons learned from those mistakes can be passed on without the hardship.

This post contains some of the principles which I have learned the hard way and the easy way. Each principle is fairly obvious but so many designers ignore them for one reason or another and the consequence is a hard-to-use, poor looking blog that is difficult to manage and fails to make the top 1000 in Google. Many of us are using free blog providers which have very few templates that we can chose and most of them even don't look professional. Un professional blog design will repel visitors and they wont come back.

1. Keep Everything Obvious

Visitors to a blog expect certain conventions, breaking these is a great way of losing visitors. People expect to find the navigation at the top of a blog or on the left hand side. Logos are mostly found on the top left. Much research has been conducted into how people view and use blogs. The good news is that you do not to know all of this; instead look at how larger companies such as eBay, Amazon, Google, Microsoft structure their pages and the language they use, then emulate them.

2. Limit Colours

A blog using too many colours at a time can be overwhelming to many users and can make a blog look cheap and tacky. Any users with colour blindness or contrast perception difficulties may even be unable to use the site.

Limiting a palette to 2 or 3 colours will nearly always lead to a slicker looking design and has the added bonus of simplifying your design choices, reducing design time.

If your blog uses blue and yellow together or red and green then it may present problems to anyone suffering with colour blindness.

3. Be Careful With Fonts

The set of fonts available to all visitors of a blog is relatively limited. Add to that the possibility of a user having a visual impairment then the options become even smaller. It is advisable to stick to fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Courier, Times, Geneva and Georgia. They may not be very interesting but your content should be more interesting than your font and if it can't be read, what is the point of having a blog?

Black text on a white background is far easier for the majority of people to read than white text on a black background. If you have large amounts of text then a white or pale background is far more user friendly. Always ensure that there is a good contrast between any text and its background. Blue text on a blue background is okay as long as the difference in shade is significant.

Verdana is often cited as being the easiest to read on the screen. Georgia is probably the best option for a serif font.

4. Plan for Change

The ability to add or remove content from a blog is fundamental to the ongoing success of it. Having to rewrite the entire blog page each time you want to make a small change is sure fire way to kill your interest in your own blog and will negatively impact your overall design and usability.

Understanding how to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), avoiding unconventional layouts and complicated backgrounds will all help enormously.

5. Be Consistent

Again, don't make your visitors think! About how to use your blog at least. If your links are coloured red ensure the the same convention is used on all sections.

By using CSS correctly you can make most of this happen automatically leaving you free to concentrate on the content.

6. Keep it Relevant

A picture is better than a thousand words but if the picture you took on holiday is not relevant to your Used Car Sales website then you should really replace it with something which reflects the content or mood of the post; a photo of a car perhaps!

Avoid the need to add images, Flash animations or adverts just because you have space. This wastes bandwidth and obscures the intentions of your blog. If you absolutely must fill the space, then exercise your imagination to find something as relevant as possible. Keeping your content focused will ultimately help your search-engine rankings.

7. Become a CSS Expert

Cascading Style Sheets should be any web designer's best friend. CSS makes it is possible to separate the appearance and layout of your blog from the content. This has huge benefits when it comes to updating and maintaining your blog, making your blog accessible and making your blog easy for search engines to read.

8. Avoid Complexity

Using standard layouts for your blog will save you development time and make your blog easier to use. Pushing the boundaries nearly always leads to quirky behaviour, cross-browser problems, confused site visitors and maintenance headaches. Unless you really do like a challenge then avoid complexity wherever possible. Many standard layouts are freely available online with much of the boring, repetitive work already done for you.

The principles above all border on common sense and are well known to most people, yet so many blog continue to deviate away from them and suffer as a consequence.

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Why you should avoid free websites and sticky hosting deals  

When you search for free websites or free hosting on Google you’ll get 191,000,000 or more links to websites that offer this so called deal. So, basically to get free hosting is not a problem this days. Only question you need to be ask your self is: Do I need free web hosting and my own domain or free web hosting with common domain will be just fine for me. Well all depends what you want!

For family site, with the latest news, photos of the kids I suggest that you use free web hosting like Blogger, but if you can avoid that kind of writing. Reason for that is explained in Avoid 6 common mistakes when you write your blog post.

However if you are seriously considering becoming an Internet entrepreneur, find yourself a reputable web design company and an affordable hosting plan. Start up costs for an Internet business is usually less than a hundred dollars.

Naturally custom built websites would be substantially more expensive but, unless you require the addition of unique features in order to manage your business, your most cost effective choice would be a professionally designed website.

When you selecting your web design you have to keep three major factors in your mind. The deciding factors when selecting your web design should be the ease of navigation and the suitability of the page layout to your content. Customers come to your site searching for a product, service, or information. If your site does not provide easy access to the content they want, they not going to hang around just to admire the design elements of your website. By selecting a layout suitable for the content you intend to place on your web pages, whether its product images and descriptions or informational content.

The third factor is the basic web design. Many experts, believe customers are sub-consciously motivated by colors, (red encourages them to take action, blue promotes a sense of trust, yellow and orange, a sense of well being or contentment, etc), the basic design elements of your website such as the background colors, images, bullets, flash etc, are really a matter of personal preference.

  • Why is better to have own professional template for your site or blog

Your free provider offers templates you may use to create your website. However, before you go to the trouble, read the fine print. Those templates are the property of the free provider. You may only use them as long as you use the free provider’s services. If you decide to move your site to another hosting provider in future, that lovely site you worked so hard to design isn’t going anywhere. On the other hand, once you purchase a professionally designed website, it’s yours. You can move it to wathever web hosting company you want.

A good support staff is an extremely valuable if not totally indispensable resource for a new website owner. Unfortunately it is also a resource that very few free website providers offer.

How to determine whether a web design company has a good support staff before you purchase your website? Simply email the seller these two simple questions.

  1. How do I setup links on my site?
  2. What software will I need to manage my site?

If you don’t get a response to your questions within 24 to 48 hours, look elsewhere for your website. If the only answers you receive are an offer to setup the links for you for a small fee and a list of expensive software products also look elsewhere for your website.

A good support staff will respond to your request within 24 to 48 hours. A good support staff will offer to setup links on your site for you for a small fee and provide you with a list of links to free software you can use to manage your site. The list will probably include some optional software products you may find useful for the management of your site. The key words here are free and optional. An excellent support staff will tell you up front whether a product is optional or not.

A domain is an extremely valuable asset; you should most definitely have one of your very own. Without a domain of your own, you may as well save yourself the time and trouble of trying to start an online business at all. The average cost of a .com domain is approx $7.95 per year. You’ll find that some web design companies will include your domain with your professionally designed website at no extra charge.

If you are planning to use a free provider, then don’t bother purchasing a domain for your new site unless you intend to shell out the provider’s membership fee. Most free providers provide you with two membership options—free or paid. If you choose the free membership option, the provider will set up your URL for you website like this: FREE PROVIDER DOMAIN/YOUR USER ID. You’ll be lucky to get your site indexed by the search engines and directories with that kind of name. You see, many search engines and directories will not accept your website submissions if your URL contains a forward slash. Some major search engines and directories categorically refuse to accept submissions for websites hosted with free providers at all. Google rarely indexes sites hosted by free providers, and even more rarely gives the site a ranking greater than 0/10.

  • Pros and cons of hosting plans

The majority of free providers offer limited amounts of web space, bandwidth and features. Better check the number of web pages you’re allowed to setup under your free account while you’re at it, because some providers set a ridiculously low limit. If you exceed whatever limits your free provider allows, you’ll have to pay their membership fee and/or purchase one of their hosting plans.

Paid hosting providers offer you a choice of plans tailored to fit your needs. If your needs change, you simply upgrade to the next plan. Although prices vary, hosting plans range from 8.95 to 14.95 per month, based on the amount of space, bandwidth and features you want. I’ve found some free providers who offer small quantities of additional memory for as much as 5 bucks each. Choose that option and you may find yourself paying twice as much for hosting as a paid provider charges for the best hosting plan they offer.

If you are determined to succeed in the online marketplace, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you start out right. Before you leap on that free website, free hosting offer, do your research. Read the fine print and see if the deal they are offering will meet your needs now and calculate the cost that you could incur if you have to exceed the allotment of services they provide for free in the future. If you want your own domain, then add the cost of the provider’s membership too. Tally the costs of “free provider’s services”, then set it aside and shop around a bit. Visit a web design company offering professionally designed websites for less than a hundred dollars and see what they have to offer. Take a look at the hosting plans available with all the features you need. Now, compare the costs of both options. Keep in mind that, as with any business, you will eventually have to invest a little money if you truly want to succeed.

You can make money on the Internet, but you are going to have to invest some time and money in order to achieve your goals. The secret to being a successful entrepreneur is investing your time and money wisely.

This post is written by using my own wisdom and few articles from the web. Reason for this post is that I am planing to purchase my own hosting in near future.

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Criteo Widgets and Criteo Ads Widget  

Today I received mail from administrator of Criteo Widgets site. He introduced me with Criteo Widget which works similar as Blogrush widget. That means you can use it for increasing blog traffic.

According to the site 8.000 blogs already have Criteo Widget installed. So, I decided to try it. Maybe I manage to boost blog traffic further more!

Criteo Widgets site also offer their Criteo Ads Widget which display ads and you make money from it. But unfortunately this widget can use only French bloggers and is not available for international users. For more information about Criteo Widgets read mail from administrator I received or visit their site!

I noticed your blog on Technorati and wanted to tell you that we launched a new version of AutoRoll, which is a new widget for bloggers. So far, more than 9,000 blogs have already installed it, and their feedback has been so encouraging that we decided to share it with you!

What's it all about?
AutoRoll is the blogroll of your readers. It's a widget that displays links to the blogs that your readers are visiting the most often.

How does it work?
We trace the number of visits of each unique reader on each blog that has installed AutoRoll. The more often a reader visits a specific blog, the greater his affinity is with this blog.

What are the benefits for you?
First of all, you will provide your readers with a very entertaining blogroll since it's based on other readers with similar reading habits. Moreover, you will attract highly qualified incoming traffic to your blog. Indeed, as other similar blogs display your blog on their AutoRoll, they will feed you with new readers that have a strong affinity for your blog.

It only takes one minute to install, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE and you can sign up here: Criteo.

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think of AutoRoll!

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Avoid 6 common mistakes when you write your blog  

Last time I explained you all necessary steps to make good money making blog. Now it's time to see what mistakes you have to avoid when you write your money making blog or just blog. This are my suggestions to you, but you would probably add few more topics to this 6 common bloggers mistakes. After all reason for writing this post is to encourage you to use your head when you make blog. Brainstorming is quite good method for that!

1. Don't write about your personal life or your kid: Keep that in mind! Don’t write about your boring personal stuffs or the one you like. Readers don’t want to waste their time by reading the boring stuffs. Get something aspiring to write.

2. Don't use lots of links when you write: Lots of link on your writing makes the blog seems like Google search hits page and who wants to read that. People will make their own searches if they will look for something. So it’s really better if u don’t make your blog dirty and avoid using lots of links. This helps to make your blog eye candy

3. Don't promote yourself: Who are you so that you promote yourself? You are not John Chow, so you can't afford that. You are just one in a billion user of biosphere's.So nobody gives a damn care at your biography and story. So keep your attitude and story within yourself and STOP promoting yourself and your stuffs at the expense of readers.

4. Don't be boring: Yeah don’t be boring. This means don’t write boring articles. Rather try to make it interesting by using nice examples and good language. Excitement and entertainment rules here man, so leave your boring articles and put some more pressure on your head how to make articles interesting.

5. Don't copy and paste: This is one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers do. Do you think that by copying and pasting John Chow’s articles you will be next John Chow? Just adding pages on blogs doesn’t helps you be good blogger. Mind that nowadays there are so many new bloggers here that now onwards ONLY CREATIVE BLOGGER CAN SUSTAIN HERE and copy paste doesn’t make you creative, does it? Come with great ides and blow the lid. That topic is also explained in 9 Tips for good money making blog post.

6. Don't give all attention on making money online: Nowadays blogging is so popular not only because of its great features but also because of money behind it. And I think almost half of the new bloggers here are to make money than getting recognition. I don’t tell that its bad to give attention on money but too much attention are always bad. Too much attention may decrease your interest from blogging. I know that, because I personally know few new bloggers who are only after money. So what they do is copy the other people’s articles and paste them in their blog and try to earn more. They will never be good bloggers, because they don't use their head and own creativity. So keep money and fun in the same ratio when you write blog.

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Some Yuwie tips and tricks  

Hey friends and my fellow readers! Here are some of the Yuwie tips that I send out to all my referrals. Thought I'd share them....maybe they can help someone!

1. Make your profile something worth looking at. The first thing you should do is apply or create a template for your profile, add pictures, videos, something in your shout box, etc. You want people to visit your page and visitors get bored with the same old default red and white background, so make your profile appealing and exciting so that they will visit again! But don't make it too complicated or put so much stuff on there that it takes 10 minutes to load though, because visitors also get impatient.

2. Accept all friend requests and add as many friends as you can. The more friends you have the more page views you'll get. You can start with my friends list and just go through and request to be everyone's friend. Yuwie is different from Myspace where you're usually not friends with people you don't really know. Everyone is friends with everyone on here because we are all helping each other to make money!

3. Do not make your profile private. If it's set to private then only a limited number of people can view your page so that just doesn't make sense! But of course, making your page public also means, for safety reasons, do not put anything too personal on your page either. Don't put where you live, where you go to school/work, etc. because even though we're all friends it's still possible to come across some weirdos lol and we want to stay safe!

4. Learn from the pros. I recommend to all of my referrals to join the How to build your yuwie: Q&A club because it has so much valuable information. There are other awesome clubs that you can learn a lot from too so go through the clubs listings and join some! Also, when submitting friend requests look for those people who are experienced and can offer advice. They all have amazing blogs with some extremely helpful information and tips. Be friends with the people who really know what they are doing and are actually making money at this and learn as much as you can from them!

5. ALWAYS reply to comments and messages. When people take the time to give you page views by leaving you comments and/or messages you should always return the favor and comment or message them back. If you never reply then your friends probably won't comment or message you as much, which means fewer page views, which means less money.

6. Keep in touch with your downline. A big part of being successful with Yuwie is being a leader and training those people you bring in so that they know what to do to make money. If they make money you make money, and inactive referrals don't make anyone money so training your referrals is imperative. I always send a Welcome to Yuwie comment and a Tips and Tricks message to my referrals to get them started. Offer to help in any way that you can, encourage your non-active referrals, praise your active referrals, and just keep in touch. It's also a good idea to send friend requests to all of your level 2 and 3 referrals as well and encourage them as much as possible too.

7. Post blogs and create clubs to generate more page views. These are great ways to send people to your page, get more friend requests, and increase your page views.

8. Refer, refer, refer!!! This is probably the most important advice I can offer you. Without referrals you won't make any money on Yuwie. They are your foundation and should be a major focus in the beginning. But a lot of people have trouble with bringing in referrals. That is because they are only advertising Yuwie to their friends and family. Friends and family are great but the big numbers come from advertising to people who are specifically looking to make money working online. I advertise my referral link on Craigslist. There are some tricks to advertising on Craigslist though, because the "Craigslist Nazis" will delete your ads if you don't go about your advertising in the right way. Technically you're not supposed to advertise the same opportunity in more than one city, but we all know that is the way to get lots of people looking at your ads. So to get around this the secret is to 1) make the posting title different for every ad that you post, and 2) delete your cookies before every new post (Craigslist tracks your activity on their site with cookies and if they see that you've posted to several cities at the same time they will come in behind you and delete all of your work). Make sure that somewhere in the body of your ad you write the words "telecommuting" or "work from home" so that it will show up when people search those words. I post about 10 ads every day, but more than that is too many. This just won't work if we totally saturate Craigslist with Yuwie ads. So post sparingly. You can also advertise on work at home message boards. One that I post my link on sometimes is the message boards. And of course you can always invite your myspace friends.

9. Be consistent. Yuwie is not a get rich quick thing. It takes time and effort but if you consistently work at it (especially at the referrals) you will see progress. You make small change in the beginning but just think of what will happen in the next 6 months or a year with exponential growth! It could be amazing!

10. Stay positive. I've seen people get discouraged after their first earnings report but you have to remember that this company is still a baby. Myspace started off small just like this, and look at where they are now, and without paying their members! Yuwie will be bigger than Myspace and we will make the most money because we got in on it in the beginning, so keep a positive outlook that you will eventually see results from Yuwie and it will happen!

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9 Tips for good money making blog  

There are some rules you have to stick with if you want to make good money making blog. Every blogger has it own rules, but at the end there is a little difference between these rules. I decided to show you rules, which I use for my money making blog.

Probably you will make your own list of rules using some of the tips presented here. Just remember that you have to stick with them if you want to succeed with your money making blog. Of course those rules could be used for any blog and not just for money making niche.

  • Post Regularly
Readers come in daily, and there is nothing more annoying than entering that blog you visit daily to find nothing new. If you're going off on a trip/vacation, tell them so, just don't leave your blog without any indication that you're still out there.

  • Be Professional
Avoid the following things at all costs:

  • Don’t use wired fonts and unusual font colors on your blog. People will have problems reading it and most of them won’t even try. They will leave your blog immediately.
  • Too much colored site backgrounds. If you want to go with a strange color, stick with it, no image backgrounds.
  • Don’t use cursors that leave trails. Most daytime browsing comes from office workers with slow PCs and making their computers choke on that glitter that falls from the mouse cursor will get you a visitor who won’t return.

  • Be Brief and to the Point
Learn to cut out extraneous words. Keep your sentences short. Include only the points necessary to sell the story. The well-crafted post is a thing of beauty, not only it doesn't frighten the casual reader, also leaves more of your other posts easily in view. Use approximately 200 to 400 words in a single post, no more or less.

  • Don’t copy and past staff
This technique is useful if you don’t have time or you don’t have idea about new post. But don’t use it too often, because you will lose your readers. People can read that stuff on other pages (if you copy everyday news).

  • Communicate with readers
Readers like to know that they are human being. So, communicate with them on the blog. Ask them what they think about stuff you wrote, what is their opinion.

  • Introduce new money making programs
Basic concept of money making blog is to show people how to make money online. One of the things, where you can make money is paid-to-click, paid-to-read, investment and hyip programs. Try different new programs and introduce your readers only with good ones. If some program is scam you are the first to find that out and you want presented it to your readers.

Of course most of the programs turn out to be scams at last and you can’t do anything about that, but you can be the first scam filter. Your readers will appreciate that eventually.

  • Post images
A post with good picture which properly show post theme is worth like hundred words. Let see some examples:
  • Reviewing a car: Post a picture of the car.
  • Reviewing a money-making program: Post a logo or banner of the program.
Images help set each post apart, and the actual layout of the words are also important. Big blocks of text and long paragraphs are daunting and uninviting. Short paragraphs and sentences make for a much more visually inviting look.

  • Write for your readers
Do not write for a search engine, but for your reader, keep keywords to title and labels/tags, to keep both the search engines and your readers happy.

  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep
It is hard to make at least one post a day. There is always something that can prevent you to post and you miss a day. So don't make any promises to your readers you can’t keep. Telling them you’ll post something by the next day, or telling them you will update your blog each day and then fail to do so will only make you seem unprofessional.

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Programs for webmasters to boost traffic  

Meta tags are quite important for all webmasters. I know that many webmasters won't agree with me, but they work for me. so if you wish to mess with your meta tags, here is the list of some popular webmaster programs.

BHead is an advanced meta tag generator that can create your entire HEAD section, including CSS style sheets. Generates the code for all popular meta tags and also has an option for custom tags. Keywords and description can be imported from files. Comes with a basic Style Sheet editor that includes a color picker. Other features include spell check, search replace, syntax highlighting, etc. For Windows 9x/NT/ME/2K/.

Metty Meta Tag Maker is a meta tag creator with support for 33 meta tags that ensure search engines properly index your website. Easy to use and requires no knowledge of meta tags. For Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

Search Engine Buddy analyzes web page meta tags and web page content on or offline to help you create the best possible meta tag combinations and web page content based on the requirements and algorithms of the major search engines. For Windows 9x/2000/NT.

  • Link Checkers
Very important for those who care about their page rank, and don't wish to have their sites linking to a bunch of dead pages, these are valuable. Of the three listed below, CheckWeb is probably the best.

CheckWeb is a small, powerful links analyzer that can scan online/offline HTML pages and generate a report on link, error and page size information.

Mihov Link Checker can check multiple links on a web site or a local web page. It reports the state of each link as valid, missing, forbidden or otherwise not accessible. Links can be stored in a text file or extracted automatically from a local or internet page.

SiteLinkChecker is an easy-to-use link checker tool that checks websites for broken links. Easily locates broken links and links containing syntactic errors and reports the status of each link. For Windows 2000/XP/2003.

  • Link Popularity Tools
Another category of programs that has suffered attrition in the last few years. At least half a dozen are no longer available, no longer supported or no longer freeware. The first two are the best of the three listed.

Indexa is a java website popularity program that reports Google Pagerank, the number of backlinks recorded on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and AlltheWeb and the number of pages indexed. Limitations: Analyzes 4 urls and 2 search engines.

Link Popularity Check checks how many sites link to yours and your competitors in 5 major search engines. For Windows XP/Me/NT4/2000/98/95.

BackLinks Master helps you find who is linking to you, whether links are direct and what keywords are in the anchor text. For Windows 98/ME/XP/2000.

  • General SEO Tools
Now come the tools that don't fall into any specific category, but that are multi-featured and definitely worth a look, for the novice webmaster/blogger.

SEO Surf is a powerful program for SEO enthusiasts. It offers numerous features, including keyword analysis, SEO page analysis, backlink management and search engine analysis. For Windows 98 to XP and I.E. 6.0+.

Keyword Crawler is a keyword tool that can analyze your website and provide web page reports for the top keywords used, word density, Google pagerank, internal and external backlinks and broken links. In addition, the program can also generate a sitemap file in XML format. For Windows 98/ME/NT4/2Kx/XP.

SEO SpyGlass is a research tool designed to show how your competitors got top search engine rankings. It reveals backlink numbers, the URL, PageRank, Alexa Rank, and IP address of each backlink, website age, link value, backlink origin, keyword density, etc. Detailed reports can be generated but not saved in the freeware version.

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This is copy of announcment which can be found here: AdBux vs - the final round?

There is an ongoing war you don't get to hear about in the 9 o'clock news. The debate between AdBux and has blown up out of proportions and it is now a full bloody virtual war.

The members seem to have taken sides in this dispute and even those of us who just want to click ads and cash in seem to be drawn in to the debate, whether we want to or not. AdBux has accused for fraudelent activities for months now and the slandering has been rough in both directions. It all started when AdBux accused of hacking into their system and stealing their script and database.'s response to the matter was that they had actually hired their own programmer.

Just as was getting up to speed with the late payouts and everything seemed to look brighter for the members, the AdBux admins decided to take the war one step further. On the AdBux forum there is a 135 page thread about and the main subject over the last 24 hours has been "how to close down for good". The AdBux admins had an open discussion with their members and brainstormed a few ideas such as reporting to the FBI for fraud. The FBI's response was that they had nothing to go on so the AdBux-ers had go back to brainstorming. This time they came up with the idea to report abuse and accuse of spamming. All AdBux forum member were asked to send copies of sales letters sent to them by and the owner of AdBux forwarded these emails to the domain registrar as spam. The fact that the salesletters only are sent to registered members was not something they took into consideration. And it seems like the AdBux plan worked. A few hours later the website was unaccessible, hundreds of thousands of member shut out and wondering where their money went? Meanwhile the AdBux admins was laughing out loud on their forum and thanking the supporters for a good job.

As a mere observerer it was fascinating to see how the AdBux admins slowly, hour after hour on Sunday the 7th of Oct, was slandering and convincing doubtful members to join their side. Any objection was forced down quickly by the admins and their closest men. The scene made us think of a notorious german man with black hair and a little moustasche who yelled out his propganda to the people and conviced them to either take his side or suffer the consequences. The AdBux admins even managed to get the forum moderator over to the other side.

  • The accussations

It's no understatement to say that both sides has accused one another of scam. Those of us who has been around in the PT realm for a while surely remember the Netbux scandal. The netbux owner stole around US$40,000-US$50,000 of the members money and ran for the hills. A lot of people mean that the person behind that scam is now the owner of AdBux and they cannot understand how people can trust this person and his accussations against

It is only a matter of time before he scam us all again. One would think people would learn a lesson from dealing with this guy.
says Joanna, an angry PTC program member.

AdBux responded to the matter by putting a website explaining the circumstances around Netbux and AdBux. "Well of course he would try and defend himself. If I was a scammer I would too. But frankly I don't believe one word written on that website" Joanna continues. "This war AdBux has started will only harm the members and no one will gain anything if goes down. There is a lot of money invested in this program and they had just gotten back on track with the payments.....then the AdBux snotty kids had to come sabotage it. Their forum is filled with smileys, LOLs, LMAOs and disgusting pictures supposedly impersonating the admins of It is clearly a bunch of kids running AdBux and they're trying to take justice into their own hands. The AdBux forum really looks like a refugee camp for people who were banned for cheating on and couldn't take the fact that they were caught." But not everyone was angry. Those standing on AdBux's side was celebrating loudly on the forum.

I am glad to see shut down. They were very late with payments. I just got all my money this weekend from but I still think they are bad. It has to be bad, if they are late with payments,right?
said an anonymous member of both AdBux and

Most of us have heard that had troubles to keep up with payout and it has caused a lot of turbulence among the members and some even started to suspect scam. admins explained that they were understaffed and simply not prepared for this large amount of people joining the program. Just a week ago they hired more staff to help out and have been working around the clock to catch up with payouts.

We managed to get a hold of admins for a comment.
"In regards to the payments we have reached the 5th of September, so we're close in our 30 days time frame as stated. Difficult to work well if other people are trying to damage your business just for the reason that we are more successful. At the moment 80% of our working power is wasted, they even send fake people to our forum to keep us busy."

How this virtual war will develop we can only guess, but today at lunch time (GMT) the wesbite was up again and running from the IP: administration are taking legal actions against what they think is a sabotage but first they want to sort out any member issues and continue with the payouts.

After all the members has to come first

I use both of them: AdBux and!!!

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New HOT paid to click program - Mnmbux  

This is new paid to click ads site that i found today. Once you receive a minimum of a $1.00 balance on your Mnmbux account, you can request to receive that money via a PayPal, E-gold money transfer. After your request has been accepted(within 24 hours), you will receive a transfer directly to your account.

  • How does it work?

Mnmbux combines advertisers intuition to get new clients, with clients intuition to get more cash. They take an advertisers ad,invite a member to go to it for a period of time, and earn money while doing so. Advertisers gain clients while members gain real money!

  • How do I make money?

All you have to do, is click an ad. No skill, energy, or work needed, just simply click an ad, view it for at least 30 seconds, and get paid! For each ad visited, you will receive $0.01. Not enough? Well, if you can refer someone, you get a bonus $0.01, and $0.01 for every ad they click too!

  • Paid to click!
  • Earn $0.01 per click
  • Earn $0.01 per click from your referrals
  • Earn $0.05 automatically when referring a member
  • Minimum $10 payout via paypal and egold.
  • Number of ads to click

You will receive a base amount of ads to click on the very first time you sign up. After that, you will slowly receive ads based on how many ads you have clicked in the past, and how active you are overall. If you aren't active, don't expect many ads, if you are active, you may just be making some good sums of money. Number of ads are NOT assured and you may have some days where you have very few ads, while on others you will have quite a few ads.

  • Remember!

If your account wont be active for 60 days all money you earned on your account will be cleared. All money makers can join this program here.

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Get Paid to visit websites with LinkGrand  

I am a member of this paid to click page for a six months now, but I never promote it. Reason for this was PayPal. My country had restriction on PayPal. We could by things, but couldn't receive money on our account. Last week everything changed and now we can except money on our PayPal account. So, I decided to promote LinkGrand paid to click money making program.

LinkGrand is a profit sharing internet advertising company that will pay you to visit advertiser's websites. You earn money for each site you visit. When you join the program you immediately get around 30 sites, which you can visit.

Here is some of what LinkGrand offers

  • Membership is FREE.
  • Get paid to visit our advertiser's websites.
  • Earn a very generous $0.003 per link clicked.
  • Refer members and get an amazing 30% commission of their earnings.
  • Refer advertisers and receive a 10% commission of their purchases.
  • Real time reports of your earnings.
  • Daily payouts with low minimum.

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Get 25$ signup bonus for this widget  

If you currently blog in a product related niche like cameras, computers, electronics, toys, games, sports, movies, music, health and beauty, then you better pay attention, this widget might just be the answer you were looking for to make money from your blog.

It's called WidgetBucks, and it's a little tool you can add to your blog that lists products for sale. You get paid per click, there are multiple sized ads (all the usual sizes for standard banner spaces), there is a contextual option so you can match ads to content (or switch context matching off) and it's brand new.

Yaro Starak introduce me to this widget. It might remind you a lot of the Chitika service that launched a while ago that did really well for a few months, then seemed to lose thunder after they made some changes to their payouts. I was never accepted into Chitika for some reason (probably because my blog is not product related), but I'm glad to say that WidgetBucks let me in fine and I'm going to run some tests on my product related sites.

The program just launched and it's worth testing against the other monetization options out there to see if it performs better on your site.

The widget is very customizable, you can choose what category of products you want to feature and easily copy the code to your blog layout.


There is a $50 payment threshold, but to help you get there, WidgetBucks credits your account with $25 for free when you sign-up, so you only have to generate $25 in clicks to make your first $50 with this program.

You can get started in two minutes by clicking here and signing up for your free account.

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The easiest way to have million page views a month!!!  

A million page views a month? Yes it is possible with Yuwie and that means a lot of money. I will explain how you can reach this figure in a month and earn a lot of money with Yuwie.

Of course this is just foresight that you have enough referrals and you work with them like a team. But this trick can also be used with members that are not in your Yuwie referral tree.

All you have to do is to arrange with your member to change his home page to your selected referral profile and you do the same with his referral page. You can build groups and assign each one to view profiles alternately. Each day you change your home page to different referral page of your group members.
How you do it?

  1. View your referral profiles.
  2. Find the Personal URL located mostly at the right side.
  3. Point the mouse on the Personal URL and click the right button of the mouse.
  4. A pop-up window will appear and click the "Copy Shortcut"
  5. On the Ineternet Explorer click the "Tools" menu
  6. Click "Internet Options"
  7. On the "General" settings tab(home page) paste the copied personal url(you selected) to the address bar
  8. Click "Apply"
  9. Click "ok"
  10. Everytime you open an "Internet Explorer" the profile you copy paste will be viewed.
  11. That means the more you open your "Internet Explorer" the more page viewed you open on the selected person you choose.
  12. Do this several times and this what will happen.

Your Referrals:

1 hour = 60 minutes
60 mins = 60 seconds

1 hour = 3,600 seconds

If you click the internet explorer icon 20 times per 5 seconds

It means for 1 hour = 3,600 seconds divided by 10 seconds(since while opening it takes mostly 10 seconds for 20 iexplorer)
multiply by 20(number of times you open the internet exploer)

3,600 / 10 = 360 x 20 = 7,200 page view an hour

So if you and your downline will do the same

ex 20 downlines x 7,200 page view an hour

10 x 7,200 = 72,000 page view an hour

72,000 an hour times let me say 2hours a day

72,000 x 2hrs = 144,000 x 30 days = 4,320,000.00

RSR = $0.47

4,320,000.00 x .00002 = US$864.00 a month not bad?

5 countries which have the most Yuwie members:

  1. United States38.7%
  2. Philippines6.2%
  3. United Kingdom4.5%
  4. Canada3.8%
  5. India3.3%

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Google Adsense Released Google Gadget Ads  

Google Adsense has built gadget ads to advertise the AdSense program. Gadget ads enable advertisers and agencies to engage audiences on the Internet’s largest ad network with a rich and interactive new ad format.

In this article you will find out everything you need to know about this new Adsense ad format...

What are Google Gadget Ads?

Gadget ads enable advertisers and agencies to engage audiences on the Internet's largest ad network with a rich and interactive new ad format.

  • Beyond Rich Media Advertising with "Websites within Websites". Think of gadget ads as mini versions of your website in any AdSense ad size.
  • Dynamic and Creative Advertising. Truly useful applications incorporating data feeds, maps, images, audio, video, Flash, HTML or JavaScript in a single creative.
  • Largest Global Advertising Network. Reach over 75% of unique Internet users in more than 20 languages and over 100 countries with no serving or hosting costs.
  • Community of Engaged Users Around Your Brand. Users can post and share your gadget ads anywhere.
  • Full Interaction Reporting. Receive site-by-site interaction reports tracking dozens of actions.

The Google gadget ad can be seen on the Adsense blog. You need to enable image ads on your Adsense account and be using the one of the image ad formats to get such a gadget ads to be featured on your site. The most popular sizes for gadget ads are the rectangle, leaderboard, and skyscraper formats.

Gadget ads can be priced on either a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand impressions basis (CPM). These gadgets are new and as the gadget ad inventory increases, you may see these ads begin to appear more on your site.

Enabling image ads will also allow Flash adsense ads as well as video adsense ads. Adsense says it is a good idea to enable image ads as they compete with text ads for the same ad space and can make you more money.

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