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March earnings are horrible!  

Making money with Yuwie program has officially become science fiction! I hopped last months that things will improve, but after March earnings announcement my patience with Yuwie program reached the edge. Now I can finally say that chances to make money with that "money maker" are practically zero.

After seven months, I didn't manage to earn enough money for minimum payment, which is set to $25. How sad that could be!

Here are my March earnings:

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Strategies For Blog Search Engine Optimization  

A blog does not stop with ownership. Work has to be done such as getting it optimized for search engines. Your blog has to be made search engine friendly, that is to say, it must meet certain expectations of the "crawlers" or "spiders" of search engines. The index that these crawlers have created will be used in ascertaining the status of your blog in terms of relevancy to the requests of users.

Good strategies for search engine optimization that should be fully implemented include the following:

Credible domain name

Acquire a domain name that is not too long or difficult to remember. It should relate to the content of your blog. Within the domain name, there should preferably be keywords that a crawler will understand. Abbreviations, dashes, underscores, numerals and other meaningless characters should all be avoided. Always try to get .com name if possible, simply because it is a more common term that customers think of.

Titles should be rich in keywords

The titles for all of your pages should be keyword-rich. They should be easily understood by visitors, and more importantly should contain keywords that will relate to whatever your customers may want to search for. In search engine optimization, search engines often use the [TITLE]; element as the text for their link to your blog. Emphasis is placed by search engines in this area of optimization because it enables them to determine the relevance of your blog to a visitor's search. The titles for your pages should preferably be less than 50 characters including spaces. This enables you to select a title that is precise, and one that will not be truncated in search results for reason of length. For immediate impact, include your call to action, so that attention of visitors can be captured.

Include META elements

Description and keyword properties should be included in your headers' META elements. META name="description" content="[brief description of your blog]" is often used by search engines to find out what your blog is all about. It will be beneficial to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. You can think about how they will go about searching for information, and you can subsequently choose appropriate terms that will capture traffic to your blog. A great research tool to use is Wordtracker.

Quality of content

It is imperative to provide good and rich content on your blog. The content should always be keyword-rich, as this facilitates good classification of your pages by the search engines. It must be interesting and entertaining. Quality is the keyword as far as content is concerned. This is one strategy for search engine optimization that should be given heavy consideration. Content should therefore be fresh and should never be a duplicate. Search engines now include in their search algorithm ways to effect measurement of freshness of content on all blogs. Do note that spiders cannot read images, so remember to use ALT tags for images if you need to use them to increase your blog traffic.

Links leveraging

Blogs that get incoming links do get a higher ranking. If these incoming links originate from a blog with higher ranking and which perform well for key phrases that are related to your content, these are good links of quality that will push up the ranking of your blog. They will greatly benefit your blog. It will be to your advantage to request them to link back to your blog. Everything on your blog must be properly linked; all links must be functioning, because this will enable all of your content to be indexed. This shows a good strategy for search engine optimization in operation.

Blog registration

Your blog must be registered with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Open Directory Project ( once it is sufficiently optimized. Instructions given by each search engine are different from one another, so it is important to follow instructions closely, to avoid having your blog improperly indexed. For best results, do it right - straight from the beginning.

Virtue of patience

Patience pays. It may take some time to reach Google No 1 spot. The time spent on search engine optimization for your blog will definitely not be lost just because the top spot is not reached yet. There are still numerous other ways of capturing traffic besides performing a little more tweaking of your blog.

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How Much Can You Sell Your Domain Name For?  

Buying and selling domain names is excellent opportunity to earn money online. Price for .com domain is around $10 in few years domain name could be sold for millions. Just look at the chart of most profitable domain names to get insight how big is domain sell market.

Most profitable Domain Names:

  • $14,000,000
  • $10,000,000
  • $9,500,000
  • $7,500,000
  • $7,000,000
  • $6,000,000
  • $5,500,000
  • $5,000,000
  • $5,000,000
  • $3,500,000
  • $3,300,000
  • $3,000,000
  • $3,000,000
  • $2,900,000
  • $2,200,000
  • $2,100,000
  • $1,800,000
  • $1,000,000
  • $1,000,000
  • $1,000,000
Always remember that the current domain name resale market is much weaker than it was just a couple of years ago, at the height of the Dot-com bubble.Back then, if you owned a decent domain name, you could generally sit back and wait for the buyers to come to you. Nowadays, you need to be much more proactive in your approach if you want to successfully sell your domain name(s).

At the same time, never discount the possibility of "walk-in" buyers; in other words, potential buyers coming across your domain name during a search, and inquiring about its availability.

To this end, it's essential that you keep your Whois record (the record of ownership of your domain name) updated at all times, and free from errors. You just never know who might be trying to contact you!

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Who earns $30.000,00 each month?  

This is video of famous Money Making blogger who earns $30.000,00 each month with blogging. It looks that only silly people can earn that kind of money! His name is John Chow and he is the owner of popular money making blog.

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SCAM: E-gold founder Douglas Jackson killed  

This is not far away from your E-gold phishing emails, but someone has been circulating this hoax email around,

E-gold founder, Douglas Jackson, 51, of Sheridan, Mont., was 4 times shot and killed Friday night on the Seventh Street ramp at East Seventh Avenue by off-duty County Deputy Daniel Montana Jr., police said.

A spokesman for the Jackson’s family told Fox 31 that the autopsy details show the shots came from 3 to 7 feet away and were fired at a level angle, not from someone lying on the ground.

The investigation is ongoing, said DA spokeswoman Pam Russell.

More details at HYIPWORLDS.ORG

(c) hyipnews 2008
I suppose such thrash should be immediately deleted. Please do not visit the site as it contains a trojan. Since it’s targeting E-gold users with the news, chances of it being a trojan that steals your E-gold information is high.

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