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New money making program like AdBux  

While surfing the web I have found this paid to click program which is basically same as You all know that AdBux is temporary the best paid to click program that currently exist.

New program uses the same script and same earning rules as AdBux. For each click on paid link you receive 1 cent. Of course you have to watch site for 30 seconds to be paid. also uses PayPal as payment processor.

For all who would like to join the new money earning program you can do it here, but if you are glad that I show you new money making opportunity, please become my referral at

P.S. The site is still in Beta mode and sometimes loses connection to the server. So please be patient!

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MyLot changes their payment policy  

Today when I logged in my MyLot account, message from administrator was waiting for me. After I read it I was very happy, because administrator informed me that they will start using another payment processor. From now on they will pay their members through MoneyBookers. Except E-Gold all other payment methods will stay and wont change.

I was happy, because with MoneyBookers I will receive my earnings more rapidly and transactions from e-gold to bank account won't be needed any more.

Here is email from administrator:

As many of you are aware, e-gold was indicted by the US Department of Justice. While e-gold has denied these criminal charges, due to the nature of the allegations we are unwilling to require the use of e-gold until their legal problems have been resolved.

On Friday, June 8th we released our final payment thru e-gold. Going forward, we will instead use the services of Moneybookers.

The people who chose not to receive earnings thru e-gold and instead had myLot hold their earnings, are now able to open up an account with Moneybookers.

On or about June 20th, we will release payments to all users who have updated their payment information with their Moneybookers’ email address. This payment will be for unpaid accumulated earnings as of May 31st. We are providing you with a couple extra days because the process to verify your account with banking and address information may take anywhere from 3 to 12 days. Verification is not required for us to send funds to you, but may be required for you to withdraw funds.

Finally, all those who received earnings from e-gold in the past will need to open a Moneybookers account. We suggest you open the account as soon as possible and begin the verification process if necessary.

This was great news for me and I will try to boost my earnings on MyLot. Pay day will be soon for me!

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Best three paid to click and paid to signup sites on the web  

One of the easiest money making opportunities on the web are paid to click and paid to sign up sites. All you have to do is sign up and start clicking paying ads or reading paying emails you receive. You don't need to invest nothing to receive them, but if you would like to receive more paying links and emails you will have to upgrade membership.

I am introducing you my top three pay to click and paid to sign up sites. I use this site to gain some money for investing it ahead in investment programs, because earnings are much bigger there.


At AdBux, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal.


You register for free account. Log in and click the "browse Ads" button. Each page you browse is displayed for 30 seconds. You get paid for each ad you view. Every 24 hours ads will appear again and you can click on them again. Best money making opportunity with Clixsense is by upgrading your account. It cost you 10$, but you get around 500 ads to click as soon as you upgrade. Upgraded users receive more ads then regular users. Clixsense send you paycheck each month for your browsing activities.


At DonkeyMails, you can earn extra money playing games, completing sign up offers, earn reading eMails, get paid for clicking on ads, get paid for sign-ups and complete tasks with the toolbar and earn money. This site is one of the oldest pay to click sites in the market. You will get paid $0.025 for each mail you personally view. Payment request can be made weekly and are processed through E-gold, PayPal or AlertPay.

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Minimum payment dropped  

Few days ago I received this through the SlashmySearch forums:

Request Your Payments Now!

We have decided to do a request payment structure instead of automating payments. This way our members can make sure their payment information is correct before requesting a payment and see exactly what they are getting. You must submit a request to get your payment.
You can do this now at payment request page.

Thank you,

Decided to try it out and here is result:

This pay period is for May 1, 2007 through May 31, 2007. It may also include earlier pay periods if you were not eligible for a payment until now. You currently have $9.03 from this period. There is currently a $20 minimum balance requirement. If you do not have a balance exceeding $20, a payment will not be issued. Your earnings will continue to roll forward until you meet this requirement.

You are not currently eligible for a payment. Your earnings will roll forward to next month. Remember to keep searching and try out new ways to earn on to make more money.

SlashMySearch New Earning Options

So it seems that the minimum payment has finally dropped to $20, as it was in the past months, our Terms and Service and policies set a $50 minimum balance limit.

  • SMSCash - Complete offers and get instant cash in your Search N Earn account. We have over 2,500 offers and many are open to international users. Many of our users can earn $30 in under half an hour. Click here to learn more about SMSCash at our forums.
  • - Get a email address which counts towards your activity. Click here to learn more about at our forums.
  • SMS F@H Team - This is the Folding@Home Team. This is 100% optional, but it will help us with our philanthropy goals that we set for ourselves. We already donate money to charities every month, now our members can help us do even more. Click here to learn more about SMS F@H Team at our forums.
  • SMSForums - This forum is important because it is where we post news, announcements and new features. We have found that this is the best way to communicate with our members. You also get to meet other members, post links and advertisements for everyone to see (in a designated forum) and read a lot more information that can't be covered in emails or the member center. Plus it counts towards your Search N Earn account activity.
  • SMSPix - Introducing New SMSPix Pixel Advertising and Free Ads. An effective method of advertising using pixels. You get unlimited click-trough's rivaling the cost of PPC programs. Start today and choose the price point you can afford. From free pixels (limited availability) to $0.05 per pixel. Try it out now! Click here to learn more about SMSPix at our forums.
  • And as always, you earn with your Search N Earn account by actively using our search engine (all features are included: web, shopping, etc.) and loading your homepage.

I will keep you updated about my status on this site, but if you would like to become a member you can use this link.

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Confused, but I will give it a chance!  

I am confused. If you still remember my writing about Perfect opportunity to own the internet by scamming millions you know what I am talking about.

Today I received mail from that site in which they informed me that viewbar has been released and it is ready for me to download it. You can read that mail along with instructions for viewbar installation.

If you don't know yet, I was waiting viewbar release for five months now. Lost all hope that it would be released one day. BIG BANG! And here it is. I will try it and see what will happen. Maybe I will earn some of that big money cake that was promised us from the start.

In last post Earn extra money from this site I presented you another similar site that already works and pays money to their members. Unfortunately site is still in beta phase and sometimes status page, where you can check your earnings don't work. I expect same problems with new viewbar. After all every new program or system needs some time to begin to live. I am planning to write some detail report about these two programs in the future.

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Earn extra money from this site  

Every day new money making opportunity is on the horizon. Sometimes when we surf the web we run into something that make us curious. That happened when I run into this site.

Stun by it I immediately visited all the forums, which I use to get information’s about site payments. I was surprised whit largeness of site community on every single visited forum. People are showing checks with their payments received from this site. This was very good news for me and all bad thoughts from my last experience, were gone in the second.

Slash My Search is a brand new search engine that is designed to get you the best results out there on the internet quickly and effectively. Using proprietary algorithms, it is able to "slash" through more of the junk and find you the most relevant results. Engine filter results from Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, the Google search engine, their databases and several other sources. It also tracks what results are visited the most and refine their database with that information.

They also announced new search engine for eBay and Amazon:

We are introducing new and search. Two types are available for eBay, a regular eBay search and an eBay Typo search.

With a regular eBay search, enter you search term and Slash My Search will try to refine your query and seamlessly take you to eBay.

The best thing from this search engine is that I get a thumbnail preview of each of the results quickly giving me a preview of the web site. That is something you can't find anywhere. Why would I waste my time visiting results that I already have visited, that have offensive content or are not relevant.

Earning money is very easy here. All you have to do is search through their search engine or you can download their search tool bar and make search through it. Choice is yours.

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