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Is it worth to steal other bloggers ideas?  

Surfing the web I found this interesting blog. Blog is almost clone of the John Chow's "Make money Online" blog and the name is almost the same. It is obviously designed to mislead readers to visit this blog and to gain some of John Chow's traffic. I must say it is very clever and willful step to get out of nowhere with new blog. Author of John Cow Dot Com gets a lot of traffic when people misspell name of John Chow's blog and he already has 319 readers according to feedburner.

Few days ago John Chow published new template on blog and that change things. Blogs are not the same any more and people will notice their misspelling mistake. Because of that, author of John Cow Dot Com made this post, where he asks programmers to make him template which will be similar as new John Chow template. Well if you can do that contact John Cow and help him with a new blog template.

Probably you ask your self: Is it worth it to copy some famous blogger? Well I don't know, but according to John Cow he earns almost half of the money John Chow earns every month. And that's good reason to copy someone’s blog and template.

Of course I am not supporter of coppyblogers and I will try to earn money on my own way. What will you do is up to you! Meanwhile I will follow this story and keep you updated...

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