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8 Fabulous blogger templates  

Money making blogs have the same "to success" rules like every other blog. First place is always reserved for blog content (only original blogs with good content are noticed by people and manage to succeed in blog world) and template comes to the second place.

Now you probably ask yourself why I am talking about this. Well, lately I received many questions about blogger templates. People were asking me where they can get good templates for their blog. So, I decided to uncover you that "secret"!

One of the most popular sites which offer free blogger templates is Gecko & Fly site. You will find some great blogger templates there, divided in two main groups. One is for older classic blogger and another category is for new beta blogger templates which use XML.

I am using Beta blogger templates (XML), because they are so easy manageable, what I can't say for classic blogger templates. You need basic HTML skills to manage them. That is the reason I will focus only on Beta blogger templates in this post.
Gecko & Fly Beta blogger templates:

  1. K2 Blogger XML
  2. Erudite Blogger XML (Two Columns)
  3. Erudite Blogger XML (Three Columns)
  4. Kubrick Blogger XML
  5. Andreas02 Blogger XML
  6. Andreas08 Blogger XML
  7. Andreas04 Blogger XML
  8. Emire Blogger XML

If you monitor this blog long enough you will notice that few months ago I used Erudite Blogger XML (Three Column) template for my money making blog. This template is my favorite among all others offered by Gecko & Fly team, but unfortunately he has one error. Template works fine if you don't have many widgets in sidebar. After you add more widgets to the sidebar an error will occur. The widgets start to extend and a lot of free space occurs between them. I couldn't fix this problem and that was the reason I change template.

All templates are free to download. So fell free to choose one and drastically improve your blog layout. Happy blogging to all bloggers out there!

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