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9 Tips for good money making blog  

There are some rules you have to stick with if you want to make good money making blog. Every blogger has it own rules, but at the end there is a little difference between these rules. I decided to show you rules, which I use for my money making blog.

Probably you will make your own list of rules using some of the tips presented here. Just remember that you have to stick with them if you want to succeed with your money making blog. Of course those rules could be used for any blog and not just for money making niche.

  • Post Regularly
Readers come in daily, and there is nothing more annoying than entering that blog you visit daily to find nothing new. If you're going off on a trip/vacation, tell them so, just don't leave your blog without any indication that you're still out there.

  • Be Professional
Avoid the following things at all costs:

  • Don’t use wired fonts and unusual font colors on your blog. People will have problems reading it and most of them won’t even try. They will leave your blog immediately.
  • Too much colored site backgrounds. If you want to go with a strange color, stick with it, no image backgrounds.
  • Don’t use cursors that leave trails. Most daytime browsing comes from office workers with slow PCs and making their computers choke on that glitter that falls from the mouse cursor will get you a visitor who won’t return.

  • Be Brief and to the Point
Learn to cut out extraneous words. Keep your sentences short. Include only the points necessary to sell the story. The well-crafted post is a thing of beauty, not only it doesn't frighten the casual reader, also leaves more of your other posts easily in view. Use approximately 200 to 400 words in a single post, no more or less.

  • Don’t copy and past staff
This technique is useful if you don’t have time or you don’t have idea about new post. But don’t use it too often, because you will lose your readers. People can read that stuff on other pages (if you copy everyday news).

  • Communicate with readers
Readers like to know that they are human being. So, communicate with them on the blog. Ask them what they think about stuff you wrote, what is their opinion.

  • Introduce new money making programs
Basic concept of money making blog is to show people how to make money online. One of the things, where you can make money is paid-to-click, paid-to-read, investment and hyip programs. Try different new programs and introduce your readers only with good ones. If some program is scam you are the first to find that out and you want presented it to your readers.

Of course most of the programs turn out to be scams at last and you can’t do anything about that, but you can be the first scam filter. Your readers will appreciate that eventually.

  • Post images
A post with good picture which properly show post theme is worth like hundred words. Let see some examples:
  • Reviewing a car: Post a picture of the car.
  • Reviewing a money-making program: Post a logo or banner of the program.
Images help set each post apart, and the actual layout of the words are also important. Big blocks of text and long paragraphs are daunting and uninviting. Short paragraphs and sentences make for a much more visually inviting look.

  • Write for your readers
Do not write for a search engine, but for your reader, keep keywords to title and labels/tags, to keep both the search engines and your readers happy.

  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep
It is hard to make at least one post a day. There is always something that can prevent you to post and you miss a day. So don't make any promises to your readers you can’t keep. Telling them you’ll post something by the next day, or telling them you will update your blog each day and then fail to do so will only make you seem unprofessional.

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