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Avoid 6 common mistakes when you write your blog  

Last time I explained you all necessary steps to make good money making blog. Now it's time to see what mistakes you have to avoid when you write your money making blog or just blog. This are my suggestions to you, but you would probably add few more topics to this 6 common bloggers mistakes. After all reason for writing this post is to encourage you to use your head when you make blog. Brainstorming is quite good method for that!

1. Don't write about your personal life or your kid: Keep that in mind! Don’t write about your boring personal stuffs or the one you like. Readers don’t want to waste their time by reading the boring stuffs. Get something aspiring to write.

2. Don't use lots of links when you write: Lots of link on your writing makes the blog seems like Google search hits page and who wants to read that. People will make their own searches if they will look for something. So it’s really better if u don’t make your blog dirty and avoid using lots of links. This helps to make your blog eye candy

3. Don't promote yourself: Who are you so that you promote yourself? You are not John Chow, so you can't afford that. You are just one in a billion user of biosphere's.So nobody gives a damn care at your biography and story. So keep your attitude and story within yourself and STOP promoting yourself and your stuffs at the expense of readers.

4. Don't be boring: Yeah don’t be boring. This means don’t write boring articles. Rather try to make it interesting by using nice examples and good language. Excitement and entertainment rules here man, so leave your boring articles and put some more pressure on your head how to make articles interesting.

5. Don't copy and paste: This is one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers do. Do you think that by copying and pasting John Chow’s articles you will be next John Chow? Just adding pages on blogs doesn’t helps you be good blogger. Mind that nowadays there are so many new bloggers here that now onwards ONLY CREATIVE BLOGGER CAN SUSTAIN HERE and copy paste doesn’t make you creative, does it? Come with great ides and blow the lid. That topic is also explained in 9 Tips for good money making blog post.

6. Don't give all attention on making money online: Nowadays blogging is so popular not only because of its great features but also because of money behind it. And I think almost half of the new bloggers here are to make money than getting recognition. I don’t tell that its bad to give attention on money but too much attention are always bad. Too much attention may decrease your interest from blogging. I know that, because I personally know few new bloggers who are only after money. So what they do is copy the other people’s articles and paste them in their blog and try to earn more. They will never be good bloggers, because they don't use their head and own creativity. So keep money and fun in the same ratio when you write blog.

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  • David  
    24 October 2007 at 15:04

    I have to say I'm totally agree with you :)

    Another problem that I'm having with my blog is I'm having some unwanted track back from spammers... Right now I have to monitor my blog's comment to remove the spammer's trackback which is kind of annoying...

  • Goldmoney  
    25 October 2007 at 07:41

    I visited your blog. Do you use wordpress platform? If you use it why you don't use spam blocker and some kind of word verification? You will be safe from spam, but if people spam your blog, then you will have to manually approve each comment they made. That is only way to avoid spammers.

  • David  
    25 October 2007 at 18:22

    Thanks Goldmoney, I'm not using WordPress platform, I guess I have to turn on the moderate mode until I upgrade to a better platform.

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