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If you currently blog in a product related niche like cameras, computers, electronics, toys, games, sports, movies, music, health and beauty, then you better pay attention, this widget might just be the answer you were looking for to make money from your blog.

It's called WidgetBucks, and it's a little tool you can add to your blog that lists products for sale. You get paid per click, there are multiple sized ads (all the usual sizes for standard banner spaces), there is a contextual option so you can match ads to content (or switch context matching off) and it's brand new.

Yaro Starak introduce me to this widget. It might remind you a lot of the Chitika service that launched a while ago that did really well for a few months, then seemed to lose thunder after they made some changes to their payouts. I was never accepted into Chitika for some reason (probably because my blog is not product related), but I'm glad to say that WidgetBucks let me in fine and I'm going to run some tests on my product related sites.

The program just launched and it's worth testing against the other monetization options out there to see if it performs better on your site.

The widget is very customizable, you can choose what category of products you want to feature and easily copy the code to your blog layout.


There is a $50 payment threshold, but to help you get there, WidgetBucks credits your account with $25 for free when you sign-up, so you only have to generate $25 in clicks to make your first $50 with this program.

You can get started in two minutes by clicking here and signing up for your free account.

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