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New HOT paid to click program - Mnmbux  

This is new paid to click ads site that i found today. Once you receive a minimum of a $1.00 balance on your Mnmbux account, you can request to receive that money via a PayPal, E-gold money transfer. After your request has been accepted(within 24 hours), you will receive a transfer directly to your account.

  • How does it work?

Mnmbux combines advertisers intuition to get new clients, with clients intuition to get more cash. They take an advertisers ad,invite a member to go to it for a period of time, and earn money while doing so. Advertisers gain clients while members gain real money!

  • How do I make money?

All you have to do, is click an ad. No skill, energy, or work needed, just simply click an ad, view it for at least 30 seconds, and get paid! For each ad visited, you will receive $0.01. Not enough? Well, if you can refer someone, you get a bonus $0.01, and $0.01 for every ad they click too!

  • Paid to click!
  • Earn $0.01 per click
  • Earn $0.01 per click from your referrals
  • Earn $0.05 automatically when referring a member
  • Minimum $10 payout via paypal and egold.
  • Number of ads to click

You will receive a base amount of ads to click on the very first time you sign up. After that, you will slowly receive ads based on how many ads you have clicked in the past, and how active you are overall. If you aren't active, don't expect many ads, if you are active, you may just be making some good sums of money. Number of ads are NOT assured and you may have some days where you have very few ads, while on others you will have quite a few ads.

  • Remember!

If your account wont be active for 60 days all money you earned on your account will be cleared. All money makers can join this program here.

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