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Forex Platform like PC Game  

Israeli eToro is taking a novel approach in simplifying Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading by packaging the complicated concepts involved in trading one currency against another, in fun non-threatening wrappers.

Just how big is Forex trading? Try an estimated $3.2 trillion in daily turnover—that’s ~35 times the average turnover of the NYSE. However, unlike stock trading which has been generally adopted by the mainstream, Forex trading to date has been mostly marginalized to professional traders. eToro wants to change all that.

Administrator of famous TechCrunch blog spoked with eToro's CEO, Johnathan Assia, who explained that the real challenge for eToro is finding ways to present Forex data in a simplified and user-friendly manner that makes it accessible to ordinary users.

Forex trading platform looks very boring and understandable for most users who are in its beginning trading steps. That is the main reason why eToro change it interface. To become more funny and understandable for users who are starting with trading.

Requiring a client download, eToro lets users practice play, or deposit funds for real money trading. The currencies available to trade are the US Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, the Euro and the Japanese Yen. There are four games to choose from

Forex Marathon – You pick the currency you think will go up and have it compete in a foot race against the currencies you think will go down.

  1. Dollar Trend – Race the US Dollar against other currencies, choosing whether it will rise or fall.
  2. Globe Trader – Manage your Forex trading portfolio by forging relations with other currencies on the map of the world.
  3. Forex Match – Choose the currency you think will go up and have it go one-on-one in a tug of rope against a currency you think will go down.
Trading with new platform looks nice, but could be very misleading. Quickly you get the filling that you play ordinary PC game and forget that you play with real money. You could lose lot of money that way. Irrespective of trading platform looks don't forget that this is still trading and that you have to be attentive with every step you make!

If you are interested in this trading platform I encourage you to read full eToro review, which inspired me to write this post.

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