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Three Good Reasons Why You Should Use Wordpress  

Here are three great reasons that make Wordpress the best platform for blogging. I found this article on Blog About Your Blog and I must say it make me think! While ago I was determine to change Blogger platform with Wordpress. I still haven't done it! This is just mater of days now! maybe month ;-)

3. Wordpress is FREE!
That’s right you can get one of the most versatile blogging platforms for FREE. Why on Earth would you not use something that could let you express yourself, let you earn some extra cash, and that is FREE. Wordpress has far less problems than any other blog software that I have used and has a great support community that is also FREE.

2. Wordpress is SIMPLE!
Whenever you want to do anything, you want it to be as simple as possible. This is why Wordpress makes it easy to install with help available if you need it. They provide detailed instructions and even videos to show how to install it. Plus, when it comes time to upgrade/maintain it, all you have to do is delete the old files and add in the new ones, no messing with your data, it stays safe in the database!

1. Wordpress is all around YOU!
Wordpress is everyone on the internet today, according to Weblog Tools Collection, it is used on 0.8% on the internet. Who knows how much further that could go. Everyone from famous baseball players to Harvard students use Wordpress.

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