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Perfect Money Making Start in 2008!  

Today I can say that my money making quest is finally showing good results. I received payments from two sites yesterday. One is PTC - (paid-to-click) and another is from advertiser - Clicksor.

Now I can say that program is one of the best paid to click sites on the web. I received first payment and today I have another 25$ prepared for pay-out. Only problem is if I can say "problem" that I had to wait long time for my payment. I requested it on 22. October, 2007. But I received the money:

If you still haven't joined the program you can do that HERE!.

It is time to introduce you with my best advertising program. It's not AdSense as you maybe think. Best advertiser which ads I use is Clicksor. I use pop-under ads and they work great for me. If you would like to join them, just click on the banner and sign-in. But be aware of their terms and conditions! Your site or blog will be accepted only if you have 150.000 monthly impressions!!!

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