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Own SEO Company with Axandra  

The software breaks down SEO into three easy steps:

1. Optimizing your web pages and links for top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo and a hodgepodge of search engines.

2. Getting your website listed on all important search engines, directories and special interest sites.

3. Tracking the results of your Internet marketing and search engine optimization activities.

The software’s darned effective. All my sites are in the top 10 google rankings for keywords critical to their respective industries. Internet Business Promoter’s pretty sneaky at how it accomplishes this- but not in a blackhat sneaky way.

The software works magic by simply analyzing the top ten competitors for chosen keywords. For instance, if I owned and wanted it to rank highly for “internet news”, I’d simply key that word in the Page analysis tool. IBP then analyzes Google’s top ten search results and the exact way the pages were created- down to the last comma. An 80 PDF is spit out explaining exactly why your page sucks and why theirs shine. Reading every page of this report is worth your time- it’s how I kicked pagerank 6 sites off my tail for chosen keywords!

There’s more. IBP also analyzes exactly who links to the folks in the top ten and subsequently whips up invitational emails to the webmasters of these linkers. The intent: to get them as link partners as well. Axandra therefore takes a two front attack- onpage factors and offpage SEO.

One of my sites rank #2 for the competitive keyword “SEO Masters” - thanks to Axandra and aggressive link building efforts. It beat a domain for the same keyword.

Today, I no longer use IBP for my sites’ optimization. All necesary pages now fly high their respective industries- even my PR2 sites. What I do use it for is to provide SEO consulting for clients. It’s a pretty good way to let the $300 tool pay for itself.

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