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February earnings worst so far!  

Online money making is very hard lately especially if I have Yuwie on my mind. First few months my earnings and referrals were increasing around 100% every month. Till they reach peak on New Years Eve. After that everything went down.

February was my worst month with Yuwie program. I reached only 44,483 page views and earned $1.39. I think that is too low for my 1196 referrals (money and page views). So, I guess people don't visit Yuwie anymore.

I totally understand everyone! Who would visit the site which offers you cents for tens of thousands page views!!! I certainly won’t!

I just hope that I will receive minimum payment from Yuwie, which is also set very high - $25 is minimum payment and I am at $12, 65 now.

Don't get me wrong! Yuwie is very good program, but administrators appetites are to high. Instead sharing real money with its users they share pennies and cents with them and that are certainly not the best way for online money making success!!!
Yuwie needs some payment policy changes real quick if they won’t to exist in the future! In the name of Yuwie members I hope one of the administrators will read this: Share the money!!! February earnings worst so far!

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