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March earnings are horrible!  

Making money with Yuwie program has officially become science fiction! I hopped last months that things will improve, but after March earnings announcement my patience with Yuwie program reached the edge. Now I can finally say that chances to make money with that "money maker" are practically zero.

After seven months, I didn't manage to earn enough money for minimum payment, which is set to $25. How sad that could be!

Here are my March earnings:

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  • Scott  
    25 April 2008 at 12:57

    Keep up the Yuwie posts as they are very interesting. My earnings from March were $10.84 from 800 referrals. Referrals brought in 449,000 page views and I should be around 500,000 page views for April. Not a lot of money but if the content improves and more people learn about Yuwie, the more income potential. Keep writing great content on your blog and more readers will learn about the competition to myspace and facebook. I really enjoy reading your blog. Good stuff!

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