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Second round of scam  

How many of you, remember the biggest autosurf scam program, that scammed a lot of people few months ago? Let me help you that were Wired Surf. Back then they stated that closing of the program lied in collapse of Storm Pay. That was partially true, but they left many wired members strand of their money. There where few of them who manifest that Wired Surf owing them several thousand dollars.

It was April, 2007 when Wired Surf got back on the scene with promise to stay in the autosurf industry for a long time. Eventually to return money to all investors who lost their money first time (after collapse of Storm Pay). It all looked fine, because members were paid regularly and Wired Surf started to gain trust, which resulted in huge member expansion.

First problems start too occurred after e-gold was indicted. Page suddenly had a lot of problems and finally they stated: "because of e-gold was indicted our account was wiped out and we stayed without all founds". That strike me like a bomb! I couldn't believe that all happen again. I know it was my mistake, because I believe them again despite knowing all about previous scam.

The most interesting is their statement about e-gold account was wiped out. After e-gold indictment a lot of scam admin used the same excuse to run away with investor’s money. One of them, admin of please-invest program robed all members of his site and declared funniest statement I had ever heard.

Statement of please-invest admin:

Round 1 of Please Invest is now complete and we will be starting round 2 tomorrow. All accounts have been credited with a 100% loss. All withdrawals have been cancelled and everything is set and ready to go again. This time, Please Invest will operate with the strictest of rules and will not experience such problems as it did during round 1. Round 2 will be entirely backed by real investment activities and will not be a ponzi.

When I read it I couldn't believe it. After scamming people who trusted him, he decided to open second round of scam. We can describe parallel between these two programs. Wired Surf stuff announced opening of new program in June and please-invest admin also announced his second round. I think that is outrageous for all site members who lost money in one of those programs. Instead laying low they are preparing to scam as again and this is the reason for writing this post. Don't let those scammers to scam again!!!

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