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Perfect opportunity to own the internet by scamming millions  

A month ago, while surfing the net I run in perfect money making opportunity. Start reading and learned everything about their promises, that users will own the internet by downloading their viewbar and earn money surfing the net through it. I was so thrilled that I even maid my blog to introduce this opportunity to wider audience and to gain some referrals.

Member would maid 30$ a month and another 15$ for each member they refer. It looked great!!! I immediately started calculating how much will I earn in month, six months and even a year. Release of the viewbar was set on 14th April and I barely waited that day.

Finally that day came and nothing happen. Site owners released the press information that viewbar is in their final test mode, postponing the release of the viewbar. After this information, I start to investigate Agloco and found they have rely huge members database, thousands blogs writing about Agloco (my blog wasn't first one) and even forums where Agloco members could communicate with each other are made. Basically every country in the world has its own forum. There is also John Chow who clamed that has over 4000 underline Agloco members.

So what is Agloco all about? Is this the new era for marketing or is just another well thought scam? Nobody knows that. We can do only two things:

1. Threaded it like scam and forget about Agloco existence or

2. Join Agloco and wait what will happen

I chose second one for now, but if viewbar won't see the daylight anywhere soon...

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