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Tips for beating Hyips  

Money investment in Hyips becomes everyday experience for most of the people. It is easy to find hyip program and invest some money, but you can quickly lose all your investment funds. You have to be aware that, when you play/invest in a hyip, you're going against a potential scammer. Note the word "potential".

When hyip program starts, usually pays to all its members. Time goes on and hyip program manage to allure more members every day. That result in more money being collected and it is a time when potential scammers occur.

There are several ways to win big on a hyip that is getting hot. There are different percentages of how much you can actually win. Fast ones are from 120-150% daily.

The most important thing you need to do before investing in hyip is little research. You can choose to do something (research) when you invest in a hyip or you can choose to sit back and see what fate has destined for you.

For the amateurs:

  1. Go to find out who is the owner of the site (maybe you will find out that owner is well known scammer).
  2. Always invite the owner/admin of the hyip site to a forum (MMG) for example.
  3. Don't trust anyone ever, even posters in forum.
  4. You need to loose some money sometimes to learn your lessons. Just start with $1 or two if you feel not confident.
  5. Check with the sites you are interested in and always check at forums on payment status.
  6. Check hyip monitor sites, but don't trust them 100%

For the veterans:
  1. Use others money to play. Promote your referral links.
  2. Put your sites on rotation *autosurf, free credits*
  3. Post in forum, build your reputation.
  4. You can choose to diversify or focus.
  5. Hit it big (invest allot if confident and maybe have a chat) with the admin.
  6. Always be notified if there is any issue regarding payment.
  7. Go against the admin if you'd rather save your $$$ than your reputation.
  8. Always invest what you can afford to loose. Hit & Run tactic always work.

  • Timing is important, when you invest, what you do to promote your hyip, & leveraging and minimizing your risk by using others' money to play or referral commissions.

We all know most hyips are PONZI SCHEME which relies on fresh money into the program in order to pay out early birds. Being early bird in a hyip, doesn't necessarily make you a winner. Sometimes hyip admins run away with the first money that has been invested in program, because of that most important thing is: DON’T invest large sum of money if the hyip program has just started.

Follow these simple rules and maybe you will manage to achieve the goal of this post. Good luck to all investors out there!!!

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