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Easy to make money with paid forums  

Probably lots of you have your favorite forum where you participate in discussions every day. Every forum has a post counter where you can monitor number of posts you made. This number slowly increases and your popularity slowly rises. Then you come to the point were your participation in forum becomes regularly on daily basis. You start to fill that forum is part of you and you become slightly addicted. Nothing is wrong with that, but wouldn't be nice if you would be paid for doing that? Yes you heard it right. There are few forums that give you a chance to earn money by participating in their forum discussions.

How does this forums work? For every post you make you get some points. Number of current points is visible in your status panel along with avatar and user name. How many points you get per post varies between forums. When you get certain amount of points then you can exchange them for money.

Global Gold Talk forum is the first one I decided to join and my opinion on this one is very high. Forum gives you 4 points for every quality post you made. They even let you to put your signature which will be visible on every post you made (by adding your site or blog in signature you get new visitors). That is not all. Forum has it own GGT store where you can buy things or put your points in the bank where rates are 10%. Payments are made via e-gold when you reach certain amount of points. At the moment 60.000 is worth 25$.

4Newbies forum is the second one. I am real newbie here. I had received 100 points by joining. At this moment I don't understand how many points you get per post, but points rise very fast here. Rules for posting are very strict and measures for quality post are much higher than one in GGT. Signature and referral links are forbidden. Payments are made via e-gold or CEP Trust when you reach certain amount of points. At the moment for 2.500 points you get 1$ and 55.000 points are worth 25$.

I hope you will enjoy in those two new money making opportunities that were present to you in this post. They are slightest different then posting in message board which was presented before, but you will earn easy money here.

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