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What has to be checked, before you join autosurf program?  

Autosurf arena is booming. We can found thousands autosurf programs on the web this days. Many of these programs are made just to scam people, run and operated by professional scammers. You probably ask yourselves how to protect from this scams and how to differ between good autosurf programs with honest admin and scam autosurf programs operated by scammers? Well there is few things you can do to protect yourself, but at the end you never now. I will show you few things which had to be checked before you decide to join some of these programs.

Good autosurf program have positive momentum trend. The key to making money in autosurfs is to know when to spend, and when to cash out. Follow a simple rule, if you determine the momentum has shifted the least bit negative, get out of the program, or never spend in it. 9 times out of 10 when the momentum shifts negative, it is the beginning of the end for the program.

What has to be checked before you start participate in autosurf program:

1. Alexa Graph

This is the primary tool all successful autosurfers use to determine momentum. I suggest you check a prospective program at least 2 times a week. Alexa’s server will calculate these stats for you. The higher the rank the better the momentum example (Google is #3, yahoo #1, MSN #2).

When a autosurf program is growing upward in ranking it means that more websites are being surfed. Most members only surf the minimum required, so you can assume then that more members have joined which means positive momentum.

2. Make sure the program has a positive cash flow. (if the program has lengthen payout time it has a negative cash flow) DON'T SPEND THERE

3. Membership Count

It is hard to determine the exact membership count but if you cruise the forums of each prospective autosurf you can get an idea of what the total membership base is. (particularly the I have been paid posts) always check the membership numbers of the folks posting. Also, some autosurfs post their membership numbers on their home page. Make checks over say a period of a week to see if the membership numbers are growing in size. For example if you checked on Monday and the highest membership number you saw was say 5000 then on Friday you found postings of members being paid say 5500 , you can make the determination that the program has a positive membership growth.

4. Postings at autosurf rating forums

It is recommended that you never use only one rating site for your decision. You have to check at least 10 sites before you make a decision. If all the postings are positive then make your decision. I always read posts on money making forums about programs that I want to join in (read posts on three different forums at least, before you decide).

Good luck to all of you who wish to join autosurf programs!!!!! Remember danger is out there and never sleeps!!!!!

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