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Create a Money Making Website with no knowledge  

The advance of technology has made creating websites easier. Most of the people use free blog services, because they are free and easy to maintain. But forget about blogs for a second and imagine that you have the real site. What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you imagine your own site? Most of you will probably think "I don't know anything about Html, so how can I make my own site?" The answer is simple. More and more website building software were created by online companies to let people create their own websites without web design knowledge and experience. I will represent to you, two free making website opportunities in this post.

Google Page Creator (GPC)

It is a free beta online website development tool of Google. Anyone can sign up to use Google Page Creator to create a mini website with no HTML knowledge needed. It is easy to use, built in with a number of features and allowing AdSense ads. The tool is right for beginners who want to build a content website and make money with AdSense.

Domain & hosting service are free in this case.


Hypervre website builder was developed by Matt Callen. The site builder automatically creates SEO friendly content web pages based on keywords of your choice. You don't need to figure out where to place your AdSense ads on your web pages, you just add your AdSense code during the web page creation process and your AdSense ads will appear on the high click-through rate areas of your web pages. You can also add your Amazon and Clickbank ads if you upgrade to paid membership. The builder saves time and work but only limited to building content-based website.

You can upload Hypervre sites to any of your paid and free hosting accounts using your own domain names.

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