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MyLot changes their payment policy  

Today when I logged in my MyLot account, message from administrator was waiting for me. After I read it I was very happy, because administrator informed me that they will start using another payment processor. From now on they will pay their members through MoneyBookers. Except E-Gold all other payment methods will stay and wont change.

I was happy, because with MoneyBookers I will receive my earnings more rapidly and transactions from e-gold to bank account won't be needed any more.

Here is email from administrator:

As many of you are aware, e-gold was indicted by the US Department of Justice. While e-gold has denied these criminal charges, due to the nature of the allegations we are unwilling to require the use of e-gold until their legal problems have been resolved.

On Friday, June 8th we released our final payment thru e-gold. Going forward, we will instead use the services of Moneybookers.

The people who chose not to receive earnings thru e-gold and instead had myLot hold their earnings, are now able to open up an account with Moneybookers.

On or about June 20th, we will release payments to all users who have updated their payment information with their Moneybookers’ email address. This payment will be for unpaid accumulated earnings as of May 31st. We are providing you with a couple extra days because the process to verify your account with banking and address information may take anywhere from 3 to 12 days. Verification is not required for us to send funds to you, but may be required for you to withdraw funds.

Finally, all those who received earnings from e-gold in the past will need to open a Moneybookers account. We suggest you open the account as soon as possible and begin the verification process if necessary.

This was great news for me and I will try to boost my earnings on MyLot. Pay day will be soon for me!

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