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Get paid while you write on message boards  

While I was searching for some new money making opportunity I bumped on MyLot. You will probably ask, what is MyLot and how can you earn money from it? MyLot is similar to a forum, you start or participate in discussions or open new thread and unlike most forums the discussions and thread can be about any subject. The most important difference between MyLot and forums is that MyLot pay you for contributing. Payments are not enormous, but you will earn some dissent money.

After few days of participating in MyLot all starts to be a little addicting, especially if you like to participate in forums and discussions. I am a member for five days now and already addicted. First thing in the morning that I do, is visiting MyLot and checking if somebody replayed to my thread. MyLot start to accrue my heart slowly.

Money making is not the only thing you gain by joining MyLot. By putting link to your site or blog in profile you can generate some extra traffic. At the end you also get to know a lot of new people and make new friends online.

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