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Good news for some countries from PayPal  

A lot of people don't know that PayPal has very strict rules about using their payment processor. They divided countries in three different groups. Only people from countries in first group can receive money to their PayPal account (approximately 15 countries). People in second group can receive money only if they open U.S. bank account (approximately 20 countries). People who aren't residents of country that belong first or second group can open their PayPal account, but can't receive money, they can only use it to pay with.

I am a member of third group and can't receive money, which is very bad for my money making quest. Most of the good paying sites use only PayPal for payment processor. Sites with e-gold payment processor turn to scamms sooner or later.

But here is wonderful news from PayPal which was sent to me by e-mail. It all looks that problem will be solved soon and my country will be placed in the first group along with other members of European Union. Read this e-mail I received from PayPal support:

Dear *******,

We are pleased to announce the following changes to your
PayPal account:

In a few months from now, PayPal users in Italy and users in the
Card Withdrawal Regions (listed below) will be able to withdraw
funds from their PayPal accounts through credit, debit and/or
pre-paid cards that show the Visa or MasterCard logo.

If, until now, you have only been able to send funds with your
PayPal account, these changes mean that soon you will also be able
to receive and withdraw funds through PayPal using credit, debit
and/or pre-paid cards with the Visa or MasterCard logos. The User
Agreement will be amended for users in the Card Withdrawal Regions
and it will also contain provisions for those who may already have
these features.

The Card Withdrawal Regions include: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia,
Gibraltar, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,
Romania, San Marino, Slovakia and Slovenia.


So if you are resident of: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia and Slovenia don't hesitate to join some program which uses PayPal only. By the time when PayPal changes our account policy we will have quite decent balance on several programs and will be able to withdrew it immediately.
I wish very good money making year to all readers.

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  • Anonymous  
    31 March 2008 at 03:52

    I have a PayPal account with a verified VISA card and unfortunately after making 2 withdrawals mounting to almost 500 Euros, my money has disappeared. PayPal blames the bank. The bank blames PayPal. A piece of advise to PayPal users in these 'new' countries to be careful with their money!!

  • Goldmoney  
    31 March 2008 at 04:42

    From which country you are?

    I think the limit is 500EUR per day for transaction and no limit on amount of transactions per year. So, if I understand it right we can do 365 transactions for 500Euros each.

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