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MemoRail on the road!  

Found new paid to click program which has Matrix system. This program has so much earning opportunities that even I as a member didn't try all of them. It will take quite a while to understand all money making opportunities offered by this program.

Home page is written in German, but you have option to click on English flag and translated page will appear. Site is from Germany and all earnings are displayed in EUR and not U.S. dollars which is great, because EURO is worth much more then dollar so earnings are bigger!

This money making program offers:
  • Free membership!
  • Paid logins
  • Paid visits of your Refsite
  • Bonus for referring new members
  • Banner for the ref-site! Free!
  • 1000 banner views for the refsite!
  • Start bonus!
  • Internal communication system - free communication with your recruited members! Shortly! (Integrated down-line-builder)
  • 1 open and 1 closed matrix
  • 14 different money-making opportunities
  • Cash instead of points!
  • Own Pool for a lifelong income!
  • 5 euro payouts limit
  • Games - earn money with "paid games" (100 000 points for 800 games free!)

Program uses PayPal, E-gold, Moneybookers, E-chips and StormPay payment processors, which is very good. Members from different countries can choose their favorite payment processor.

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