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Is AdBux scam or payable program?  

Last week, AdBux seems little strange to me. I didn't receive any clickable ad for 7 days. I ask my self "What’s wrong?" and then one comment on my blog attracted my attention. Some person writes comment about AdBux scamming people. I follow the links which were placed in comment and discovered some interesting sites and facts about AdBux.

The most impressive is AdBuxscam site. You can read how people were scammed by AdBux and that Chad Frensch is the owner of that site. Chad Frensch is well known scammer. Another one is AdBuxtruth blog. Where you can find interesting news about that paid to click program.

I even find unofficial forum where people talk about uncensord AdBux. Then I check official AdBux forum where I found this latest news:

Ad System
The new ad system is doing great! We’ve had record breaking ad sales this past week and it is only going to get better as we continue to grow the advertiser base. There were a few bugs when it launched and we’ve fixed most of them and will continue to fix the rest of the bugs over the next 4-5 days. Some new requirements and features that we will be adding is that advertisers cannot advertise to less than 1,000 users. This makes it fair to the members who are in smaller countries where targeting those countries are less popular. We will also be adding the ability for advertisers to easily choose “All Countries” as their first and foremost option OR they can select from a country list. Most of the time, we think a big reason why advertisers are geo-targeting only a few countries (or one country) is because they don’t have an easy method to select all countries which is something we hope to have up by tomorrow or this weekend.

New Payment Structure
Starting on August 1st (less than 2 weeks) AdBux will be changing the payment structure to include a new method of paying users (Pay by Check) as well as keeping the old method (PayPal) for those who prefer to use PayPal. This will expand our presence to just about every country who can cash American based checks. Furthermore, as everyone knows, we pay on a 3 business day delay system. Some users are able to make payout EVERY day, while some users make it once a week and others can make it once a month and so on. Our new payment plan will be changing to a NET 15 payment structure which means that users will be paid via PayPal or Check by the 15th of the month for the previous month’s earnings. Reasons for this are primarily so we can keep better track of our earnings as a business, our monthly profits, our quarterly earnings, etc. Our current structure is unable to really do any of this and will have to be changed.

The minimum amount earned will still be $10 for payout and if a user selects the option to be paid with a check, there will be no fees deducted. Users will soon see new fields added to their profile sometime over the next week to include their address information as well as their name if they are choosing to be paid by a check.

US Based Accounts & the IRS
By law, any US based account holder who earns more then $600 a year with AdBux will have to fill out an 1099-misc form and submit it to us so we can process it at the end of the year and report it to the IRS. Once you hit $600 for the year 2007 and are a US based member, your account will be locked until you submit the form which will appear in your profile. The methods of sending the form to us will be included on the page (e-mail, fax, postal mail, etc). Once we’ve received the form, we will unlock your account so you can continue earning. Note: This is ONLY for US based accounts who earn $600 or more per year with AdBux.

Our first referral contest should be launching in 1-2 weeks. Watch for it!

New Ways to Earn!
By 2008, we hope to launch a paid e-mail program and a paid to talk program that will all be part of the AdBux service. Advertisers will have an even more opened market and AdBux users will have new ways of earning more money! We are now taking feedback for these programs as to what YOU would like to see. We want YOU to help build them. Requests and ideas can be submitted on the forum under the “feature request” category.

One last note, AdBux is not a get rich scheme. You will not be able to earn a living from using AdBux. You will not retire from AdBux. BUT, if you are patient enough and learn the ways on how you can maximize your AdBux earnings, you will see a long-term financial opportunity.

That’s it for now,

Well I don't know what to think after all this information’s. It is best to wait and see what will happen. At the end time will tell the truth.

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