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Scam/closed programs report for June, 2007  

June was very bad for my money making quest. Two best and easiest money making sites went offline. First site was AdRaker, which I bay-the-way trusted most. Second one was Adventure11. After these two sites went down I was really angry and started to think about leaving money making community. My first reaction to all of this was that I stopped posting on my money making blog. After few days I gathered my thoughts and decided to move on. After all, this is all part of business. You never know how much you will earn with some site and how much will you lose on another site.

What went wrong?

First I received mail from AdRaker where they informed me that CEO Mr. Thomson died and because of that they are selling the site to another company, but not to worry because our earnings will still be intact. That was three weeks ago and site is still offline.

I already say goodbye to my 10$ earnings and move the site to scam category. It is really shame for AdRaker, because he had potential to become number one money making program.

Another site wasn't investment site, so basically I didn't lose any money there. Adventure11 was about surfing for surprises site. You had to surf minimum of 11 sites a day and wait for money surfing surprise. It was really easy money.

Here is mail I received from administrator of Adventure11:

Adventure11 is closed!

Although the plan was to correct all problems and re-launch during August, this will no longer happen. Adventure11 has incurred a considerable amount of debt and the cost required to correct the problems and re-build the system is far greater than anticipated. A decision was required to either invest more funds into the project in order to continue or to cut losses and close Adventure11. The latter has been chosen. Adventure11 will not re-open in the future.

Adventure11 was extremely powerful with huge potential but it didn't work out the way that was expected. This is very unfortunate for all involved.

Congratulations to all those who won cash and made a considerable amount of income with Adventure11. Sorry to those who did not win any cash and we are extremely sorry to those who paid for advertising. Due to the nature of the system, there are no refunds and there is no compensation to be paid to any Advertiser who did not receive what they paid for. Sorry to those who incurred financial losses due to the closure of Adventure11.

Thank you to all those who supported Adventure11, your support were appreciated greatly and we are sorry to let you down.


I have decided to write scam and closed program report every month. Reason to write that report is to let you know what is going on whit programs and money making opportunities I present in my "How to make & invest money" blog.

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