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Rewarded by exclusive profit share system  

Surfing through the web I run into one good program. Back then the program was in its initial phase, which was very good for mixture of High Yield Investment and paid to read program. So I decide to join the program immediately.

By joining the program I got 1 slot worth 10$ free. It was fantastic, but I had to go through another thing. If I want to make money I had to have at least one active slot. You can activate your free slot only if you buy another slot for 10$. So I invested 10$ and purchased one slot to become active member.

My earning days started with two slots 20$ (10$ each). From that point all I had to do is reading one paying mail a day and my earnings would be calculated and added to my account balance.

Details about program activity:

How It Works: Members can purchase "AdRaker Slots" at a price of $10.00US each. Don't forget your first AdRaker Slot comes with a bonus slot free! Then just read and click on only 1 email each day to qualify for your Daily Rake payment which is a dividend of's total revenue for the day.

How Daily Revenue is calculated: Daily revenue is calculated by adding the total number of AdRaker Slots purchased for the day to the total revenue from email and sponsor advertising sales.

How Daily Rake is Paid: The daily revenue is divided by the total number of active AdRaker slots to get the per slot rake value which is then paid to each member accordingly. E.G. So if you had 25 AdRaker slots and the per slot dividend value for that day was $1.50 you would receive $37.50 for that day... Easy! This exclusive profit share system is the principal reason AdRaker can NEVER go bankrupt or run out of funds.

Those days I was rewarded (paid), because I didn't lose my faith in the program.

20$ (just 2 slots) = 38$ after slots expire

If you would like to see more detail report about my earnings or just visit the site and join this investment program.

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