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Scam/closed programs report for August, 2007  

WARNING! Yesterday I received information from mariox22 about 6 scam sites. I was promoting three of these sites on my blog. So I decided to write this post to apologize to all who had been mislead by me and second to distract people from this scamming sites!!!

Now you probably ask your self what sites? And why are they scam? I will answer you with this quotation I was given from mariox22 and can be found here.

Please read


They are run off of GETPAIDSOLUTIONS.COM!! Notorious for working with known hackers and scammers....they are a company based in China. They knowingly provide service to fraudulent websites and many other scams and illegal material. Also there is no response from the sites when you use the contact button!! I urge everyone to try and contact them. I have gotten no response from any of them!! GETPAIDSOULTIONS has been linked in the past to websites associated with terrorism and they are the company that hosts 90% of scam sites in the PTR and PTC industry!! It is my belief that a team of hackers have been studying the PTC and PTR industry and saw that all the Buxstyle sites were doing so good that they have opened now a total of 6 sites their own. I mentioned above. They have relations to GETPAIDSOLUTIONS.COM. They do business with criminals and hackers and scammers!!! They do not respond to emails!!! And try getting a response from GETPAIDSOLUTIONS the hosting wont!! They only talk through known associates because they are all criminals!! Beware people!!! It is all too evident!!! Who knows what they can do with peoples information!!

There is now evidence they don’t pay!! I have seen several forum posts where people are not getting paid and no response!!

Also go to WHOIS.NET and lookup domain name of all 6 of the sites. All the exact same info comes up for each of the sites!!!!! Its all the same people doing it!!! Please spread the word on this page!! Also you can go to PIR.ORG OR Check Whois of Domain.

I hope this information’s came timely. I apologize again to all readers which were misled by me, hope that want happen again. But online money making business is very hard, risky and full of scammers which barely wait to take your hard earned money away.

Good luck to all online money makers!

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  • Anonymous  
    27 August 2008 at 14:35

    Well, they are back with a new face. Did the due dilligence when someone was posting in chat about: Domain belongs to . I can't believe anyone would join if they thought about it. How is going t pay someone $1,000 to join and $100 per read? !!! Good grief! How stupid or greedy can people be?!!

  • Noel Galvez  
    15 September 2008 at 04:55

    Hi! I'd like to share with you my experience with Please check it out at:

    Wanna know if is a scam? Please read:

    See you!

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