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Make money online with Yuwie  

Have you ever heard about social network sites like Friendstar, StumbleUpon, Facebook, MyBlogLog and MySpace. People talk about them all the time. How they can help you gain more blog visitors and also boost your earnings. So I decided to test one today. I chose relatively new social network site called Yuwie. Made my Yuwie home page, join few clubs related to my interests and already gain some friends.

Why Yuwie?

The main reason is that Yuwie pays you to blog, upload pictures, refer others, chat, send comments, hang out, etc. You can do all that with major networking sites, but they won’t pay you for that.

User chooses payment option that suits him best. PayPal and Check are options. Check was my choice and I put 500$ limit before they will send it to me. You can chose smaller amount if you want. 20$ is the smallest check amount. Now when you now everything about Yuwie we can look to the other advantages that social network sites offer.

You can meet new friends, talk and share your pictures with them. With other words you can build your own community and if you are blogger that can be very useful. When community is established, encourage them to visit your blog. You will gain new blog visitors and readers that way.

Why wait? Join Yuwie, make your home page and start earning money today! If you are already Yuwie member please contact me...

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