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AGLOCO will use search engine  

Another "news" or "joke" from Agloco team was released today. I am little tiered about all the fuss that Agloco made on the web with his toolbar and statement that he will own the internet. Yes I have to admit Agloco had really big impact on the bloggers. Every day at least 10 new blogs and 5 forums would rise. Now we have Agloco community in almost every country. And what is result of that? Agloco have not paid anyone yet. Period!

Here is the "news" I received and also every Agloco member. Yes I am still on their mailing list...

Revenue – As we posted previously, we completed a major revenue partnership. AGLOCO is excited to announce that will soon become AGLOCO’s official worldwide default search provider.

First, we have been very impressed with’s desire to be in business with the AGLOCO Membership. (We feel that business works best when both parties want to work together.) More importantly, we are impressed with’s search performance.

According to the August 14, 2007 report, of the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Ask rates right with Yahoo and Google in customer satisfaction - Ask 75, Yahoo 79 and Google 78. Also, Foresee Results added that, “Ask has had the biggest increase over time of any e-business company measured by the ACSI, up 21% since it was first measured… seems to be well-positioned to rival Google in the coming years because it has a strong search technology lauded by analysts and users alike.” We will be adding Ask to the Viewbar in the next couple of weeks and we hope you enjoy the results as much as we have.

This is a very important step for AGLOCO and will greatly improve of revenue starting in October. Many of us have been using the search system this last month and agree with the comment above that it is equal to and sometimes more helpful than Google. So we hope Members are as equally enthusiastic about Ask as we are.

Tech Update - Since moving the servers and fixing crucial items like hour displays, the tech team has since been occupied by installing the system. The tucows download problem has also been fixed. We know we need updates to the website – they have not made the top of the list yet.

Media – Mike Klingler has a full written transcript of his interview with Brian. Mike and other Members have worked to make this available to all Members in several languages at: Click here to listen to the interview. Click here for written transcript

Member distributions – We will be doing a Member distribution post within the next two weeks with an update of this crucial issue. It will also include an update of the AGLOCO financial position. AGLOCO crossed over the 1,000,000 Member mark a couple of months ago. And while not the 10,000,000 surge we had set as our summer goal, it is still a fine achievement that you all have made happen. If you missed the previous post on distributions, you can read it at Member distributions

Thanks for all of your efforts for AGLOCO.

The AGLOCO Development Team

This news is not reason I am writing this post. I was stimulated by Kumikos post about Agloco, which was released today. She shares the same thought about Agloco and she made good research about, which puts Agloco team in difficult situation. For all of you who don't know who is Kumiko, I can say that she is great money making blogger, which blog I read on daily basis.

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