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Confused, but I will give it a chance!  

I am confused. If you still remember my writing about Perfect opportunity to own the internet by scamming millions you know what I am talking about.

Today I received mail from that site in which they informed me that viewbar has been released and it is ready for me to download it. You can read that mail along with instructions for viewbar installation.

If you don't know yet, I was waiting viewbar release for five months now. Lost all hope that it would be released one day. BIG BANG! And here it is. I will try it and see what will happen. Maybe I will earn some of that big money cake that was promised us from the start.

In last post Earn extra money from this site I presented you another similar site that already works and pays money to their members. Unfortunately site is still in beta phase and sometimes status page, where you can check your earnings don't work. I expect same problems with new viewbar. After all every new program or system needs some time to begin to live. I am planning to write some detail report about these two programs in the future.

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