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This blog will show you how to make money with tips and tricks using Adsense, Forex, SEO, Affiliate and Web 2.0 programs.

Make money by uploading videos on these sites  

Another great way to earn money on the web is uploading videos to the sites that will pay you for that. Of course they won’t pay you just for upload, but for certain amount of video views. So if someone puts your video on other site, you (and they) earn money as well. Video comes with an easy-to-use widget to display your films on your or other site.

You can find many sites, which offer that. I decide to introduce you with three most popular sites: Break, Vume and Revver.

  • Break is a leading entertainment channel for guys, which started paying for user created media, enabling users to upload and share their original content. However, unlike Revver and Vume, which pay for hits/views, pays according to how often your video makes the front page...

This is the most standard type of video you see on the web. Stunts, wipeouts, accidents, Great moments, pranks, animals in the wild, webcam, dances, funny pets, sporting events, and pretty much anything else!

To be considered a short film, your clip has to be "Produced". That means it has all or most of these elements: It is scripted, features actors, a director, a producer, specific characters, tells a story, it's edited, it's over 3 minutes long.

Since you can't just catch these on film by accident, anything flash animated is considered "produced" and earns $2,000!

We pay $25 for every original picture that we post in our famous galleries.

We pay $50 for every original Girl of the Day picture that is posted. Also, the top rated Girl of the Day for each month wins $500!
  • Vume
Formerly known as Eefoof, but they changed name to (”view me”). Company pays $3 for every 1000 views, which is more comparing to Revver´s $1-3 per 100 views. I suggest you to read their blog before you join in, because I read there about payment delays.

What is Vume?
Vume is the next generation of media uploading. We provide a place where creators of content can upload their videos, images, and audio, and profit from the exposure. We share all advertising with the creators of content with the philosophy that it should pay to be creative.

How does it work?
We place non-obtrusive banner ads around media pages, and post-roll in video advertising on your videos. Vume takes the revenue gained from the advertising and shares it with you, the user, depending on the amount of traffic your video has received.
How much money do I get for my hits?

How does it pay?
Vume pays an unbelievable $3 for every 1,000 hits obtained on your photos, audio and videos. The revenue is added together from all of your media into your Earnings, and distributed once a month.

  • Revver
Revver is another site that gives you a cut of ad revenue, this site ads a clickable ad at the end of your video. The videos are available in various formats, instead of just the traditional flash types. According to Revver

How does it work?
Upload your video and we will pair your video with a targeted advertisement. Then you have to share your video across the web. The more people see it, the more money you can make.

How does it pay?
They will split the ad revenue with you 50/50. Sharers earn money too! Help spread Revver videos and earn 20% of the ad revenue. The remaining money is split 50/50 between the creator of the video and Revver.

All three sites use PayPal as their payment processor. Before you join those sites check your country status on PayPal's site, because of their country restrictions. If PayPal don't support your country then ask support on Break if they can pay you by check. Few months ago they were also sending checks, but I don't know if they still do that. That is the reason why you have to read FAQ on every site, before you decide to make next step.

I hope that new money making opportunities presented in this and this post would be helpful and you will get new ideas for your money making quest.

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