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Check this Scam Database  

Scammers are one of the worst people on the web and earth. I have been scammed by this people several times. Every money maker is potential target and sooner or latter everybody gets scammed at least once in their money making quest. Because of that I am always in search for the sites, which have databases of scam sites. This is one way to prevent being scammed when you try to Make Money Online.

On that occasion I found this simple website made to help online investor in making decision before doing online investment. The world of online investment is no longer as safe as it used to be, scammers have disguised themselves nicely, creating false sense of security and run away with investor's hard earned money.
Sites goal is to create the biggest scam database which store all url and egold account numbers that have been used to scam people. Site also store phishing database which you can use to study so that you will not fall into phishing traps.

This website is updated 2 times everyday. You could also help in making the Internet a safer place to invest by sending them email about scammer websites, egold account number and technique that's not yet posted on their web to: ( with proof ). Together with help of this site we can make the Internet a safer place to make money online.

What you can find in this website :

  1. List of scammer's site.
  2. List of scammer's egold account number .
  3. List and Definition of Phising.
  4. Ways to improve your egold safety.
  5. Things to take note before making an investment.
  6. About Hyip and Autosurf.
  7. articles.
Today I will send request to become partner of this site, which has major scam database. Here is link to largest scam database. Check it out, before it will be to late!!!

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