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Boost your blog traffic with BlogRush  

When you are on your money making quest you certainly have your own blog for promoting various money making sites and programs. Most of the money making opportunities work well only if you have bunch of referrals, otherwise you won't earn enough to reach minimum payment.

Surfing the web I found new method for boosting your blog traffic which was released by John Reese. He has released a blog traffic exchange widget called BlogRush. BlogRush is essentially a way to syndicate content across blogs.

  • How it works?
You put a widget on your website to display text box ads and for each impression you delivered from your site, your ad would be displayed on other sites who used the widget. BlogRush takes your RSS feed content and syndicating articles across the network at blogs that are topic-related to yours. Using a combination of context matching and the category you choose for your blog, BlogRush attempts to place your articles on blogs that it thinks are similar to yours. This should increase the click-through rate and I’m sure as more blogs join and the technology improves it will be possible to quite tightly match content, probably not quite to the level of Google AdSense, but certainly better than just random impressions.

  • Where to put widget?
Put the BlogRush widget on your blog and earn a credit each time it is displayed when your page loads. You are rewarded by using your credits to display your blog content on other blogs that use the widget. This happens automatically and it’s set and forget - stick the widget on and you start earning credits immediately.

  • Referral System
BlogRush has a ten-tier referral system, which means you earn credits for bringing people into the program up to ten times below you (yes, it’s like a super pyramid scheme or MLM program). When someone you bring into BlogRush begins earning credits you are rewarded with credits. When you referral brings in someone else and they earn credits, you get some more again, and so on and on until ten levels below you.

BlogRush has almost the same referral system as Yuwie, but they work completely different. Whit BlogRush you try to boost your blog traffic and gain new readers. On the other hand Yuwie works like MySpace, but there is slightly difference. With Yuwie you can earn money!

BlogRush is still in beta phase, so you have to be patient if some minor problems occurs. I am sure they will be fixed quickly. Don't wait grab the widget and boost your money making blog traffic!

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  • Admin  
    18 September 2007 at 17:54

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we are using the same template. But, I am thinking of going back to my old template.

    I am facing few problems with this new template: (1) Unable to move around the page elements (2) the dates and the background pictures are not displayed properly. Do you have any solution? Your blog seems to display properly. Is this the same version (Version 1.2) from


  • Goldmoney  
    19 September 2007 at 03:16

    This is 1.1 version, but I still work 7 hours to made everything alright, because there are some problems with java scripts, moving widgets....

    Date is easy it has to be in format 19.September,2007. You can set it in Settings/Formatting panel. Timestamp is the field!

  • Admin  
    19 September 2007 at 20:54

    Thanks for that useful info. Somehow, I managed to make it work to a certain extent. I am using the HTML code to move around the widgets now, instead of the layout. It works in the HTML code.

    I think the problem of display of the date is something to do with the pictures. Sometimes, it is visible. Sometimes not. In fact, I set the date format already.

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