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Watch your earnings with Adsense Notifier  

If you do not want to miss any cent you earn on your money making mission through adsense account, then this extension is for you. Adsense Notifier is an extension for firefox that shows the income to you of your adsense account in the bar of state of the navigator, between the data that show to you are:
All this data for the period of time that you select (1 day, 1 week, etc.) and one will update every 15 minutes (or another rank that selections). Once installed the extension you must form it in the “Tools/Plug-inns and Themes/Adsense menu Notifier” where it is necessary you introduce the data of your account.

  • The number of clicks.
  • The impressions of announcements.
  • The gains.
  • CTR.
  • CPM.
  • RPC.
Adsense Notifier for Firefox is a Firefox extension that adds the daily statistics for your AdSense revenue to the browser status bar. It supports Content, Referrer and Search data and can display Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPM, Earnings and RPC. You can choose which values to display and configure the update interval. Clicking on the Adsense Notifier icon will log you into your Adsense account on the Google server.
I really do not see it like an indispensable extension, but extension is useful if you are obsessed with money making numbers. I believe all or most of bloggers will try this extension from Firefox. By the way, I will check my account, already spent 60 minutes.

You can download Adsense Notifier, but remember it only works with Firefox browser. How to make money online blog is also made for Firefox browser and doesn't work very well in IE7.

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