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Earn Money with link monetization  

Another good money making program which turns your links into paying links is URL Cash. Program offers various earning types and all if left to you to decide which type you will use. Now lets see what they offer...

The registration process is free, fast and easy. We will not ask for any personal information during the registration, we value your privacy. A registration will just benefit you in all ways that you will be able completely use all our features.

  • Start making money today
  • Easy money without annoying anyone
  • Make unlimited paying links in seconds
  • Real time gallery generator for images - more money
  • Keep track of your links with statistics
  • Automatic website script will generate paying links in real time
  • Get paid when you want on time, any time - through paypal, e-gold, bank wire transfer or moneybrookers
  • Real time submissions to: Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, Xanga, LiveJournal, Freewebs, Facebook, Blogger, Tagged and Typepad.
  • Automatic site generator
When your site is done loading the links on the site is converted into paying links that will make you money. This is because every link goes to a page that will include our banner that you will get the money from. With this script your will make money every time someone leaves your site for someone else. All you need to do is to put a simple code onto your website and you are making money.
  • Manual link generator
With this function you will choose more specifically which of your links you prefer to be paying links. With our batch link generator you can create unlimited amount of links in one sweep. This is perfect if you like to post links on forums and blogs. Your links is saved in your account so you can go back whenever you want to retrieve your old links to be used when you need them again.
  • Galleries
Everyone likes galleries with images on them. With the use of the above link generator it can make a gallery of all the images in your batch code in one sweep. You will get payed for each and all views to that gallery – and the links on it. Easy as a piece of cake!
  • We support real time blog submissions!
If you are a blogger - You can submit your paying links or galleries directly to your blog. We will add new blogs to our tool as soon as we find the needs for it. We currently support the biggest blogs and communities on the internet. These contains but is not limited to Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, Xanga, LiveJournal, Freewebs, Facebook, Blogger, Tagged and Typepad. It has never been so easy to submit content to your blog.
  • Make your own free Imageblog with paying links!
Once your logged in you will can make your very own image blog. This blog is containing your paying links, which means your blog visitors will make you money. Our statistics show that if you attend a little time to your image blog, you will make good money from that feature. The blog settings is fully customizable, except for the base blog layout. Go for it, create your own image blog today.
  • How much will URL Cash pay me?
We pay our members up to 78% of the sites income. Up to 68% is your own redirects and the other 10% is the earnings you get from your referrals redirects. Your rate will start on 45% and then grow or sink, this is depending on your traffics quality. The better your redirect traffic is, the more money to your wallet. We closely monitor your traffics quality to increase your payout.

Currently the income for URL Cash is $1 per 9500 top frame redirects and $1 per 3500 intermission page redirects. (October 2007)
  • Refering other members makes more money.
Refer members to URL Cash and make extra money. You will get additional 10% of that member's earnings. This number is set to static at 10% and will not change during the month in any way.

On top of that - you will get additional $4 bonus for each member that you refer who will make his / hers first 15.000 redirects. It can't be better than that. Oh Wait, it can! If your referred member makes over 300.000 redirects within 30 days you will get additional $4 bonus for that member. Thats $8 for doing almost nothing.

I recommend that you use URL Cash with Share-A-Pic program to maximize your earnings. If you aren't satisfied with this program you can always try his opponent User Cash which pays only through e-gold or E-passport. Wish you happy earnings!

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