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MyLot tips and tricks  

I think it is time to write about MyLot again. I am a member of MyLot for about a year now. Through all that time on MyLot I gained some skills and learned few tricks about money making, which I will explain in this post.

  1. Don't put referral links in your posts, because they will be deleted and you will lose your earned money and number of posts you made will decrease. Instead start discussion about program and invite people to visit your blog and join it there!
  2. Take care of your referrals. When I enter Mylot, the first things I do are click on every profile of every referral and participate in their every discussion. If they’re posting well, I help their ratings increase by pressing the (+) button. When a referral stops posting, I visit his blog and see what’s wrong with him. Well this trick is easy to do if you have only five referrals as I do, but if you have more referrals it could be hard to do that every day!
  3. Type a lot. Keep a 300-word minimum limit to your posts. Because the more you type per post, the more you earn. An easy way to help this would be creating a specific signature, for example, when you end your posts. I am working on mine signature!
  4. be choosy, but participate. Only post in your friend’s and referral’s discussions, and discussions in your interests, you earn more from them than from other discussions.
Forget uploading pictures, starting too many discussions and all that. They take too long, and you could earn more with that time. And don’t complain about Mylot, yes, your favorite discussion did get wiped, but Mylot does clean up most discussions every month, what matters are that your earnings don’t change.
Remember, more words = More $ per post
Mylot isn’t a great money-making program, but over a long time it can earn you some money. Of course visit MyLot profile. The link is in sidebar under “Link List”.

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  • ahboon  
    17 November 2007 at 07:47

    Hi, thanks for the tips on Mylot, I've been stop using it about a year after finding its hard to earn from it. Now that I might give it a look again.

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    Is this the same as share-a-pic? I wrote about it.

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