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WidgetBucks is Genuine Money Maker!  

Yesterday, I experienced another pleasant surprise in my money making quest. Program I already introduced to you announced October earnings. I earned total of 70.19$ for October. Of course I added up sign-up bonus and earnings from my referrals.

If you look at picture you can see that I earned 6.67$ from my sites and 25$ sign-up bonus plus 38.52$ from my referrals. I have only four referrals, which means that they earned a lot more then me. I get 10% of their earnings and if I get 38.52$ they had to earned 385.20$ total. I think that is fair enough and that they should be glad that I introduced them with this money making program. I am also very happy that they join my downline!

All of you who still don't have account with WidgetBucks can still get one HERE. I welcome you in my community!

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