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Nothing like this Genuine Business Plan!  

The idea started in EU first and after that went to USA. Usually we have programs like this coming from USA here. This one started in EU first. You have never seen on the internet before, nothing like this Genuine Business Plan!

WorldGamersClub is a club for people who love video Games or know someone that does. Members have an opportunity to sell games and make 80% of the earnings. To become a member, you purchase one game at $15 (payments by e-gold or AlertPay). This is one-time out of pocket, however, you may purchase as many games as you wish.

  • The business plan:
Once you purchase a game, you are entered into a 2x3 matrix. You are at the top and the entire matrix will need to be filled. You, your referrals or spill fill the matrix. There is also a follow the leader aspect to this. All your personal referrals will follow you.
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Right now there are 3 Levels you may choose to complete. I say choose to complete because you may opt to get out at any stage in between.
  • Level 1:
Members that sponsor two people will earn 75$ and reenter into Level 1 after completing the matrix. In your Members area there will be a link to choose which option you prefer:
  • receive $75 on your account… or
  • receive $25 in your account and enter in Level 2
Members that sponsor one person will receive $30 and re-enter into Level 1

Members that sponsor no one will only receive a re-entry into Level 1
  • Level 2:
If you sponsored two people in Level 1, then you enter Level 2. When you cycle Level 2 you earn $250. You can also chose to:
  • receive $250 in your account… or
  • receive $100 and enter into Level 3
  • Level 3:
  • in Level 3, after you cycle you earn $750.
There will be 6 cycles very soon and the top Level; Level 6 will pay a whopping $50,000. Of course you can opt to get out at any stage in between. That is the beauty of this program. You can choose to enter into the next cycle or take your money.

Once you've signed up, have a look at the Business Plan in your member’s area. That explains about spillover, Follow the leader, etc.

To check it out and sign up, click here.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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    7 November 2007 at 17:40

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  • Shawn Lim  
    12 November 2007 at 03:50

    Hi, I'm Shawn from The Millionaire Secrets. Still remember me?

    I've favourite your blog in Technorati. Keep it up~!

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