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Yuwie as long term investment plan!  

People earn money with AdSense every day, but only webmasters with well known and popular sites or blogs can say that they earn steady income with it. Earnings of other webmasters are very small and constantly change.

This is the main reason I joined and have big confidence in Yuwie. I don’t need to be webmaster of some popular site or blog to make steady money with Yuwie. All I need to do is to gain few referrals and build my friendship community. The rest is all fun!!!

Don’t expect quick money with Yuwie. Build your network toward steady monthly income!!!
Today I would like to introduce you with my last two month earnings and progress I made with this program.

I started with Yuwie on September and through whole month I manage to gain 2 direct referrals and total of 20 referrals in downline. That resulted in 19,484 page views and for September I earned 0, 75$. That is not bad for the first month!
In October I and my downline managed to boost our Yuwie downilne further more and that resulted in 67,267 page views and total of 290 referrals. I earned 1, 73$ for October. That is more then 100% increase in just one month period!
For November I expect even more then 100% increase of what I made in October. The reason for that prediction is that I already have total of 613 referrals in my downline and 44,058 page views until today (and it’s only 12 November).

Overall picture will show you that as long as everybody makes at least 1.000 page views a month, earnings will be as predicted in money tree.

If nothing goes wrong I expect steady monthly income from Yuwie in the middle of the next year.

For all of you who haven’t tried it yet, I can say only one thing: stop thinking, read Yuwie tips and tricks and join it!

This is the latest Y-guy report about October earnings:
  • October's RSR and Earnings
The October RSR and earnings reports have been generated. Just go to your control panel, and click the earnings icon (the moneybag) to see your earnings.


The RSR is a lot lower than we would like, but advertising was bad last month. This month looks much better, so far. Keep in mind that Internet advertising has peaks and valleys, so our RSR will always fluctuate some.
  • FYI:
  1. You have to have a minimum of $25 before you can get paid.
  2. We pay net 60 which means any earnings for October will be paid around January 1. (We have to collect from advertisers before we can pay you)
  3. If you didn't earn enough to get a check this month, your earnings will be rolled into next month.

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