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Mpire and WidgetBucks Important Updates  

WidgetBucks users already know that WidgetBucks changed its rules for international clicks. They don't count anymore, but I received new mail which promises better times for international traffic and also announces payments!

Here is message from WidgetBucks I received:

We're seeing strong traffic on the WidgetBucks shopping widgets during this holiday season and wanted to tell you about three things: new International CPM Ads, removing pending data, and payments coming soon.

International CPM Ads

Here's an upcoming feature. In early December, we will start serving CPM ads to the non-U.S./Canada traffic. This will give you revenue, per impression, for your site visitors who come from other countries. This is designed to help publishers who have a blend of traffic from a variety of countries.

Our system will do the geo-location for you, determining where the visitor is coming from. Then we'll either show the regular pay-per-click widget (to visitors from the U.S. and Canada) or show an ad that pays per impression (to visitors from other countries). You'll see a new column, called "CPM Revenue" in your earnings reports.

We're also working on pay-per-click arrangements with global merchants, but those will take longer to implement. We're glad to deliver a way for you to monetize almost all of your traffic in December. Please check our blog at WidgetBucks blog for further updates on this.

Removing Pending Data

We'd like to give you some advance notice of a pending change that will help publishers manage their business. Next week, we will remove the "pending" data from the "My Widgets" page. This data is the numbers that are displayed in red. Instead we will only display audited data in black.

We're making this change because we've worked with our merchant partners and succeeded in speeding up the auditing process, which many of our publishers requested. Audits now take up to 24 hours, instead of the previous time frame of up to 72 hours.

When we make this change next week, you will only see audited figures (in black) and they will be displayed by noon (Pacific Standard Time) of the following day. So, by noon on Tuesday, you'll be able to see all of your confirmed clicks, revenue, and RPCs for Monday.

This change will remove confusion about the red pending figures, and frustration about changes from the pending to audited figures. Thus the clicks and revenue you see will be the confirmed clicks and revenue, which will then not change. Please check our blog for more info: WidgetBucks blog.

First payments coming soon!

We're very excited that our first set of payments are lined up to go out early next week. Our deadline is by December 15th (45 days after the end of October), but we are working very hard to get them out to everyone at the beginning of December.

We would like to remind you that we need correct payment information from you to be able to send you your payments. Please go to the My Settings page and indicate if you want to be paid by check or by PayPal. Reminder: PayPal is faster. Checks are sent regular U.S. mail. All payments are in U.S. dollars.

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