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Big Blow for Domain Name Registrars  

Big blow for domain name registrars from Google. Well at least for those who pratice this practice we would talk about in this post. What is all fuss about? According to latest news on several web pages:

Domain name registrars have displayed a tendency to register DNS names for themselves, based on recent searches conducted by users of their public WHOIS databases. They don't have any intention of keeping these DNS names longer than the typical five-day grace period, but during that time, they can deploy those fake pages that pretend to be search portals.
Google say that those fake search portals rack up millions in advertising revenue for DNS registrars who partake in "domain name tasting." Because of that Google is planning to implement policies that disable DNS registrars' ability to use AdSense advertising in "tasting" operations.

Bob Parsons, the CEO of the largest DNS registrar, GoDaddy, wrote a lengthy missive against the practice in April 2006.
Millions of good .COM domain names - on any given day over 3.5 million and climbing - are unfairly made unavailable to small businesses and others who would actually register and use them in ways for which the names were intended,
Parsons wrote.
Many times businesses accidentally let their domain names expire. When they go to renew them, they find they have been snapped up - and taken away with a huge expensive hassle to follow - by an add/drop registrar.
I am also very happy to hear that news from Google, because I am planing to buy my own domain name and web hosting deal and I don't want something similar happen to me before domain expires.

But we all have to admit: This was probably business of the century for Domain name registrars. Will prices of domain name go up after their piece of cake becomes very small???

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