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Feedburner and AdSense Officially Integrated  

There's really nothing spookier than hollow, empty ad spaces rattling around your blog and/or web site, putting no cash in your pocket nor any extra hob- in your goblin. Before you banish these underperforming idlers to some distant house upon a lonely hill, we recommend redeeming them with a chance to boost your earning potential. This Halloween, the FeedBurner development team is asking those of us who do the announcing around here to make note of the now-available integration of FeedBurner site ads and AdSense.

This newly integrated capability — designed just for FeedBurner-powered content like yours — puts relevant AdSense content ads to work on your blog and/or website. (Note: AdSense options for feeds not available at this time.) If you choose to activate this service, you can run a 300x250 or 468x60 text or image AdSense ad on your blog. The ad will appear below the first item on your site and archive pages once you have installed the necessary code. Ad content is automatically targeted to complement your site and you will earn revenue each time visitors click on ads. You can even customize the colors (or use a saved color palette from your AdSense account) so the ad unit fits your site's look and feel. Check out these 300x250 examples below.

You don't have to be part of FeedBurner's ad network to put these ads on your site, but be sure to review Google's policies for participating to make sure your site's content is eligible, as these ads are subject to AdSense terms and conditions. Once you're signed up for AdSense, you can check out all the other ways you can monetize your site with ads near your non-feed-powered content. If you are currently part of the FeedBurner Ad Network (FAN), and you've configured your site to run ads, AdSense ads will be inserted on your web site only when there are no FeedBurner Ad Network ads available for those placements (if you choose).

  • Get Started
To activate the service, sign in to your FeedBurner account, select your feed and go to the Monetize tab where you can connect this service to your AdSense account (if you already have one), or create a new AdSense account (if you don't). This service is currently available to members of FAN and all manner of FeedBurner publishers who go >bump< in the night, but haven't yet joined FAN. (Note: If you have enabled FeedFlare for your site, you've already added the magic code that makes these ads go where they need to go, so connect your account to AdSense on the Monetize tab and you're ready to earn!)

This announcement was borrowed from official Feedburner blog.

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