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Blogging Zoom is new Digg Competition  

Everybody knows this days. Digg is perfect site for blog exposure, but it has few negative things. It's to big. Everyday people post so much articles to Digg that you have to be real lucky to get exposed. Another thing is that certain groups decide What to Digg and What not to Digg! This is probably the biggest Digg problem.

But now forget about Digg and visit this site, which works similar as Digg, but it is relatively new. I just found it today. It is called Blogging Zoom and after a while it could become serious Digg Competitor. Lets see what they say about them selfs:

What In The World Is Blogging Zoom?

Blogging Zoom is a place where bloggers can share content that they and other bloggers have written. Blogging Zoom is the perfect place to go for people that are tired of the mainstream media and content. The users of Blogging Zoom determine which content is valuable and which content isn’t. ‘Zooming’ or voting positively for a post or article will give it more exposure and with enough Zooms, your content will hit the front page to be showcased to the masses.

Who Can Use Blogging Zoom?

Anyone can use BZ, but all content on the service must come from blogs. Content that comes from mainstream media and news sites isn’t allowed. Our users range from people that blog professionally to the regular guy that just likes to read the opinions of others. Yes, you can use BZ even if you don’ t have a blog, in fact lots of people use BZ because of the unique ideas and content they’re able to find here.

What Is The Mission Of Blogging Zoom?

We are here to give every blogger, popular or not, a chance to showcase their content and talents. BZ was created by bloggers for bloggers, and we are dedicated to providing people with the tools and knowledge they need to increase their blogs’ popularity. We also provide a platform where bloggers can meet others who share similar interests and talents. You’ll find content on nearly every subject in BZ so no matter where your interests lie, you should find the service to be useful.

I strongly recommend using this site to all bloggers who wish more exposure for their blogs. Happy Zoom-ing to all!

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