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Earn extra money from this site  

Every day new money making opportunity is on the horizon. Sometimes when we surf the web we run into something that make us curious. That happened when I run into this site.

Stun by it I immediately visited all the forums, which I use to get information’s about site payments. I was surprised whit largeness of site community on every single visited forum. People are showing checks with their payments received from this site. This was very good news for me and all bad thoughts from my last experience, were gone in the second.

Slash My Search is a brand new search engine that is designed to get you the best results out there on the internet quickly and effectively. Using proprietary algorithms, it is able to "slash" through more of the junk and find you the most relevant results. Engine filter results from Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, the Google search engine, their databases and several other sources. It also tracks what results are visited the most and refine their database with that information.

They also announced new search engine for eBay and Amazon:

We are introducing new and search. Two types are available for eBay, a regular eBay search and an eBay Typo search.

With a regular eBay search, enter you search term and Slash My Search will try to refine your query and seamlessly take you to eBay.

The best thing from this search engine is that I get a thumbnail preview of each of the results quickly giving me a preview of the web site. That is something you can't find anywhere. Why would I waste my time visiting results that I already have visited, that have offensive content or are not relevant.

Earning money is very easy here. All you have to do is search through their search engine or you can download their search tool bar and make search through it. Choice is yours.

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